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Selfie Neue Rounded Font

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Selfie Neue RoundedDesigner: Maximiliano Sproviero
Publisher: Lián Types
Selfie Neue Rounded was designed by Maximiliano Sproviero and published by Lián Types. Selfie Neue Rounded includes 40 designs and household plan options. The typeface is currently # 32 in Hot New Fonts. p >


When I began the very first Selfie back in 2014 I was conscious that I was creating something innovative at some time, because at that time there were not too lots of, (if any) font styles which saved a lot of calligraphy features being at the very same time a monolinear sans. I took inspiration from the galerías' neon signs of my house city, Buenos Aires, and integrated the reasoning and ductus of the spencerian style. The outcome was an extremely flexible typeface with lots of ligatures, swashes and a friendly look.

But ... I wasn't cognizant of how successful the font would become!

Selfie is perhaps the font style of my library that I see the most when I lastly head out, (type-designers tend to be their entire lives glued to a screen), when I travel, and likewise the font that I mainly get e-mails about, asking for little tweaks, brand-new capitals, new swashes. Selfie was used by several popular clients, entered into lots of 'leading fonts of the year' lists and was released in many publications and books about type-design.

These recognitions were, at the very same time, snuggles for me and my Selfie and operated as a driving force in 2020 to begin this project which I called Selfie Neue.


' Selfie for whatever'

Selfie Neue, due to the fact that it's absolutely brand-new: All its glyphs were re-drawn, all the proportions changed for better, and the old and in some way ignorant types of the very first Selfie were redesigned.

Selfie Neue is now a household of lots of members (you can select in between a Rounded or a Sharp appearance), from Thin to Black, and from Brief to Tall (since I discovered the feel of the typeface altered notoriously when modifying its percentages).

It likewise consists of swashy Caps, which will act as a best match for the lowercase and some extremely cute icons/dingbats (designed by the gifted Melissa Cronenbold) which, as you see in the posters, make the font style much more appealing and simple to use.

You'll discover lots of alternates per glyph. It's difficult to get tired with Selfie!

Like it happened with the old Selfie, Selfie Neue Rounded was believed for a really wide variety of usages. Publications, Book-covers, digital media, restaurants, logo designs, clothing, etc.

Hey! The font is likewise a VF (Variable Font Style)! So you can have fun with its 2 axes: x-height and weight, in applications that support them.

Let me take a New Selfie!


If you plan to print Selfie Neue VF (Rounded or Sharp), please keep in mind to convert it to details first.The bulk of the posters above have the 'contextual' alternates triggered, and this makes the capitals a little smaller. I 'd advise deactivating it if you plan to use Selfie for simply one word.Use the font constantly with the 'fi' function triggered so whatever ligatures properly.The slant of the font is 24,7 degrees, so if you prepare to have its stems vertical, you might use Selfie with that rotation in mind.


Font Family:
· Selfie Neue Rounded Thin
· Selfie Neue Rounded Extra Light
· Selfie Neue Rounded Light
· Selfie Neue Rounded Regular
· Selfie Neue Rounded Bold
· Selfie Neue Rounded Black
· Selfie Neue Rounded Thin Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Extra Light Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Light Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Bold Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Black Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Thin Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Extra Light Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Light Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Bold Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Black Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Thin
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Extra Light
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Light
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Regular
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Bold
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Black
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Thin Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Extra Light Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Light Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Bold Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Black Short
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Thin Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Extra Light Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Light Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Bold Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Black Tall
· Selfie Neue Rounded Variable
· Selfie Neue Rounded Caps Variable
· Selfie Neue Rounded Foodie
· Selfie Neue Rounded Joy

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