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Semplicita Pro Font

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Semplicita ProDesigners: Alessandro Butti, Patrick Griffin, Bill Troop
Publisher: Canada Type
Semplicita Pro was designed by Alessandro Butti, Patrick Griffin, Costs Troop and published by Canada Type. Semplicita Pro includes 10 designs and family package options. p > Semplicita Pro is a new sans serif design that effortlessly straddles the tri-cornered divide amongst the geometric, humanist, and gothic sans serifs. We started by reappraising Semplicità, Alessandro Butti's crucial 1930 design for Nebiolo. Sustained by Futura, Semplicità gave us the idea to the future: Change the cool geometric Teutonic soul of Futura with the warm, humanist, calligraphic letterforms that are characteristic not of the Bauhaus however of the Italian Renaissance. With its significantly revised formal structure, where just a few characters have a tip of geometric excellence, and the rest are drawn in a calligraphic manner, Semplicità is buzzing with ideas and has actually served as a gene swimming pool for several brand-new typefaces over the last two decades.

Yet Semplicita Pro goes its own way. It isn't a basic revival of Semplicità, which would have appeared like a period piece. We wished to utilize it to fix an useful puzzle: How to make modernist sans serif letterforms really understandable at little sizes yet convincing as message-carriers in display. We decided to keep its calligraphic soul and even emphasize it in places, and to relegate to options all the functions that seemed to be over-exaggerated, over-decorative, or just non-functional.

The outcome is an intensely legible sans serif style that, while obviously new and clearly trendy, offers the high convenience factor readers experience when seeing the timeless stalwarts of 20th century sans serif style, and provides modern designers a commonly expressive palette, all within the concept of simplicity resulting in better understanding.

Semplicita Pro is filled with OpenType functions and over 850 glyphs per font. To find out more on the style, total character sets, technological features, and print tests, speak with the accompanying PDF.

Font Family:
· Semplicita Pro Light
· Semplicita Pro Light Italic
· Semplicita Pro
· Semplicita Pro Italic
· Semplicita Pro Medium
· Semplicita Pro Medium Italic
· Semplicita Pro SemiBold
· Semplicita Pro SemiBold Italic
· Semplicita Pro Bold
· Semplicita Pro Bold Italic

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Semplicita Pro Font Preview

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