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Sevigne ST Font

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Sevigne STDesigner: Michael Jarboe
Publisher: Reserves
Sevigne ST was designed by Michael Jarboe and released by Reserves. Sevigne ST contains 3 designs and household bundle choices. p > Sevigne [sey-vee-nyey] is an extremely refined, contemporary geometric stencil, influenced by the ambience of high-end fashion and luxury combined with the raw, utilitarian nature of the stencil. The inclusion of over 130 unique ligatures broaden it's sensibility of alluring, healthy letterforms and unique design. The stencil marks are atypically positioned and vary throughout, providing it a deliberately forward presence.

Stylistically, as an all-caps typeface, Sevigne exudes a greater sense of consistency and polish due to it's unicase form where the interaction of a minimal quantity of characters is the focus. Subtle, considered information are discovered within individual letters, contrasted by the complex, intersecting kinds that make up the numerous ligatures.

With multiple stylistic sets contributed to the broadened ligatures, individual letters and ligature sets can be thoroughly exchanged to tweak text settings for a special custom-made type solution.

Features consist of:

Precision kerning-

Expanded set of over 130 Ligatures, consisting of alternates (ae, oe, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, ffj, ff, fh, fj, ft, tt, th, ct, st, oo, og, go, ogo, gog, la, ea, ev, ew, fy, ez, et, oc, ga, do, uv, vu, yu, uy, nn, mm, xy, yx, ao, oa, air conditioner, da, aq, nt, aa, ll, ss, ut, tu, ka, ca, ag, of, off, co, ne, nr, nl, nd, nk, hn, mn, me, mp, al, an, af, ar, ak, ah, ad, ab, and, gg, all, co, ço, he, the, tl, tn, tf, tr, tk, td, tb, te, am, ame, amb, tm, ap, tp, wu, uw, kt, tz, ra, za, mk, xx, yy, vv, ww, ky, fu, oq, cc, cq)

Alternate characters (A, G, R, Q, _, $, ®, -, ¶)

Slashed zero

Full set of numerators/denominators

Automatic portion feature (supports any fraction mix)

Extended language assistance (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)

* Needs an application with OpenType and/or Unicode assistance.

Font Family:
· Sevigne ST Thin
· Sevigne ST Light
· Sevigne ST

Tags: all caps, couture, fashion, geometric, ligatures, magazine, monoline, sans-serif, stencil, thin, vogue, ĸ

Sevigne ST Font Preview

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