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Sevigne Font

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SevignePublisher: AE Type Inc.
Sevigne is a display sans font household. This typeface has three designs and was published by AE Type Inc.

Sevigne [sey-vee-nyey] is a highly refined, contemporary geometric sans, motivated by the environment of high-end fashion and luxury. The addition of over 130 special ligatures broaden its perceptiveness of alluring, well-balanced letterforms and unique style.

Stylistically, as an all-caps typeface, Sevigne exudes a greater sense of consistency and polish due to its unicase form where the interplay of a limited quantity of characters is the focus. Subtle, thought about details are found within individual letters, contrasted by the complex, converging types that make up the numerous ligatures.
With multiple stylistic sets added to the broadened ligatures, private letters and ligature pairs can be carefully exchanged to fine-tune text settings for an unique custom-made type solution.

Features include:


Precision kerning- Expanded set of over 130 Ligatures, consisting of alternates (ae, oe, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, ffj, ff, fh, fj, ft, tt, th, ct, st, oo, og, go, ogo, gog, la, ea, ev, ew, fy, ez, et, oc, ga, do, uv, vu, yu, uy, nn, mm, xy, yx, ao, oa, a/c, da, aq, nt, aa, ll, ss, ut, tu, ka, ca, ag, of, off, co, ne, nr, nl, nd, nk, hn, mn, me, mp, al, an, af, ar, ak, ah, ad, ab, and, gg, all, co, ço, he, the, tl, tn, tf, tr, tk, td, tb, te, am, ame, amb, tm, ap, tp, wu, uw, kt, tz, ra, za, mk, xx, yy, vv, ww, ky, fu, oq, cc, cq) Alternate characters (A, G, R, Q, _, $, ®, -, ¶) Slashed zero Full set of numerators/denominators Automatic portion feature (supports any portion mix) Prolonged language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)


* Requires an application with OpenType and/or Unicode support.

.Font Family:
· Sevigne Thin
· Sevigne Light
· Sevigne Regular

Sevigne Font Preview
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