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Sevigne Font

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SevigneDesigner: Michael Jarboe
Publisher: Reserves
Sevigne was designed by Michael Jarboe and published by Reserves. Sevigne includes 3 styles and family package alternatives. p > Sevigne [sey-vee-nyey] is a highly fine-tuned, modern geometric sans, influenced by the atmosphere of high-end fashion and luxury. The inclusion of over 130 unique ligatures expand its sensibility of attractive, healthy letterforms and distinctive style.

Stylistically, as an all-caps typeface, Sevigne exudes a higher sense of harmony and polish due to its unicase type where the interaction of a minimal amount of characters is the focus. Subtle, considered information are discovered within private letters, contrasted by the complex, intersecting forms that comprise the numerous ligatures.

With multiple stylistic sets contributed to the expanded ligatures, specific letters and ligature pairs can be carefully exchanged to tweak text settings for a special customized type solution.

Features consist of:

Precision kerning- Expanded set of over 130 Ligatures, including alternates (ae, oe, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, ffj, ff, fh, fj, ft, tt, th, ct, st, oo, og, go, ogo, gog, la, ea, ev, ew, fy, ez, et, oc, ga, do, uv, vu, yu, uy, nn, mm, xy, yx, ao, oa, air conditioner, da, aq, nt, aa, ll, ss, ut, tu, ka, ca, ag, of, off, co, ne, nr, nl, nd, nk, hn, mn, me, mp, al, an, af, ar, ak, ah, ad, ab, and, gg, all, co, ço, he, the, tl, tn, tf, tr, tk, td, tb, te, am, ame, amb, tm, ap, tp, wu, uw, kt, tz, ra, za, mk, xx, yy, vv, ww, ky, fu, oq, cc, cq) Alternate characters (A, G, R, Q, Z, _, $, ®, -, ¶) Slashed absolutely no Complete set of numerators/denominators Automatic fraction function (supports any fraction combination) Prolonged language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)

* Requires an application with OpenType and/or Unicode assistance.

Font Family:
· Sevigne
· Sevigne Light
· Sevigne Thin

Tags: all caps, avant garde, avant garde gothic, balanced, couture, edit, fashion, geometric, grippe_preferred, harmony, ligatures, luxurious, magazine, monoline, polished, sans-serif, stylish, thin, vogue

Sevigne Font Preview

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