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Shelf Tags JNL Font

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Shelf Tags JNLPublisher: Jeff Levine Fonts
Shelf Tags JNL is a dingbat font style released by Jeff Levine Fonts.

Before the mid-to-late 1970s, when merchants began to welcome UPC (universal price code) innovation on a grand scale, prices merchandise took on many forms.

One technique specifically popular with range shops (such as Woolworth's, McCrory's, Kress, etc.) were pre-printed cost that came in little pads and were placed into metal holders.

Shelf Tags JNL recreates a vintage cost based on examples seen online and enables the user various methods to create their own vintage-style cost tags.

You can either make use of the round pen nib design numbers and price marks to put on any size or type tag or type out prices utilizing the reversed characters (white on black) along with the two end caps offered to form a complete tag unit.

For the more adventurous, a complete blank tag is also provided in case the desire is to print a solid color tag background and [using the routine numbers] cage rates in customized colors.

Two sets of smaller sized numbers (for 'floating' cents rates) are also offered in routine numbers and reverse panels.

As an additional bonus, there is a set of 1 through absolutely no, dollar sign, cents indication and decimal point private black-on-white outlined panels for making private rates numbers.

The keyboard layout for the different characters is as follows:


asterisk key - routine cents sign (no panel)
dollar sign key - regular dollar indication (no panel)
duration key - routine decimal point (no panel)
left and right parenthesis keys - panel end caps (to form cost)
colon secret - reverse decimal point on black panel
1 thru 0 keys - regular numbers (no panels)
A through J keys - little regular numbers (no panels)
K and L secrets - truncated [shorter width] end caps
M through Y secrets - private rate numbers (black on white with black border
a through j secrets - reverse numbers on black panels
k secret - reverse dollar indication on black panel
l secret - reverse cents sign on black panel
m through v keys - reverse little numbers on black panels
w through z secrets - blank rectangular panels of varying widths
equivalent sign secret - complete black panel price tag
hyphen key - blank rectangular black panel based upon the width of most number panels

.Font Family: Shelf Tags JNL Regular

Shelf Tags JNL Font Preview
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