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Skolar Sans PE Font

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Skolar Sans PEDesigner: David Březina
Publisher: Rosetta
Skolar Sans PE was designed by David Březina and released by Rosetta. Skolar Sans PE consists of 72 designs and family bundle choices. p > Every Sherlock needs his Watson. A versatile partner who can accommodate for an opinionated compadre, but does more than simply follow his steps. Similarly strange however nonetheless a gentleman. A genuine good friend for real friendship, an analytical duo that's at your service.

Skolar Sans is a substantial typeface family for the age of responsive style. From gently thin to extra bold, the 4 subtly graded width variants will fit all your material requires. The 72 fonts come in uprights and true italics with ligatures, arrows, and fleurons. Magnifying glass offered individually. Learn more about the development of Latin and Pan-European versions. The PE version is now utilized by Radio Free Europe to serve news to over 200 nations and territories.

Font Family:
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Thin
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Thin Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Extralight
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Extralight Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Light
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Light Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Medium
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Medium Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Semibold
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Semibold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Bold
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Bold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Extrabold
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Extrabold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Black
· Skolar Sans PE Compressed Black Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Thin
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Thin Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed ExtraLight
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Extralight Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Light
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Light Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Medium
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Medium Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Semibold
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Semibold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Bold
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Bold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Extrabold
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Extrabold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Black
· Skolar Sans PE Condensed Black Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Thin
· Skolar Sans PE Thin Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extralight
· Skolar Sans PE Extralight Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Light
· Skolar Sans PE Light Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Regular
· Skolar Sans PE Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Medium
· Skolar Sans PE Medium Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Semibold
· Skolar Sans PE Semibold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Bold
· Skolar Sans PE Bold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extrabold
· Skolar Sans PE Extrabold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Black
· Skolar Sans PE Black Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Thin
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Thin Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Extralight
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Extralight Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Light
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Light Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Medium
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Medium Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Semibold
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Semibold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Bold
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Bold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Extrabold
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Extrabold Italic
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Black
· Skolar Sans PE Extended Black Italic

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Skolar Sans PE Font Preview

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