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Skullbats Font

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SkullbatsPublisher: Canada Type
Skullbats is a dingbat font style released by Canada Type.

Patrick Griffin's sister is a really bothersome private in some cases. Not just is she into theater, however she thinks everybody else in deep space enjoys it as well. So as soon as in a while tickets to local or provincial Shakespearean plays get provided to the mailbox or dropped off on the living-room's table. And every so often the tickets simply can not be "lost" or disregarded. Three or 4 times a year, Patrick needs to go through Olde Englishe Speake, umbrella gowns and squeezetops, featherhats and guys in leggings, rhyme and treason, mortality and immorality, drama caused by some mama, and it never ends.

Last June it was Hamlet. Once again. Somebody's (wink wink) idea of a great time. There he goes, the Prince of Denmark, holding that skull with the tips of his fingers like it's an alien egg. Alas, poor Yorick! Yadda yadda boop-bop-a-loo-bop.


And so the idea of a typeface made from skulls was born. And what can we potentially be however channels for such hating concepts? Where be our gibes, our songs, our flashes of merriment?


Skullbats has more skulls than you'll ever see in your life time. At least we hope so. Frightening skulls, funny skulls, evil skulls, weird skulls, pixel skulls, intense skulls, shocked skulls, happy skulls, sad skulls, cow skulls, sketched skulls, profiled skulls, light bulb skulls, cartoon skulls, techno skulls, alien skulls, expressionist skulls, pirate skulls, horned skulls, and skulls with whacky headgear. You name it, it exists. There's even a disco skull there for you. We lost count at 90 skulls, but there's a couple of more therein. For a total showing of the skulls in the font, seek advice from the image in the MyFonts gallery.


Patrick's sister didn't end up being so bad after all. After making this font style, he could not assist however notice that her skull was a bit little compared to his. So now he takes every opportunity to remind her that the size of the cranium is relative to what it houses. Her upcoming halloween present will be a shirt with guess-what on it.


Shirts, now there's putting Skullbats to good use!

.Font Family: Skullbats Regular

Skullbats Font Preview
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