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Space Race Font

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Space RaceDesigner: John Roshell
Designed by John Roshell, Area Race is a sans serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was released by Comicraft.

Attention Space Rangers—— the Race into Space is on once again! Science Fiction long ago became Science Fact and researchers are looking Beyond Earth, Beyond the Moon to Mars, Infinity—— and BEYOND!

Comicraft's Ace Rocket Scientist and Ace In The Hole, John "Buzz" Roshell has spent years in our Underground Laboratory developing Accelerated Font style Technology for the Area Age in which we live. SPACE RACE has actually curved shapes and a smooth fuselage that will guarantee our Rangers will be the FIRST WOMEN (and GUY) on worlds in this Planetary system and those of other stars! Now offered for less than the cost of powdered astronaut ice cream.

Four fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold & & Bold Italic) with upper and lower case alphabets, Western+ Main European accents, Vietnamese accents and Cyrillic characters.

.Font Family:
· Regular
· Italic
· Bold
· Bold Italic

Space Race Font Preview
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