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Specify Font

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SpecifyDesigner: Måns Grebäck
Publisher: Måns Grebäck
Created by Måns Grebäck, Specify is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has forty designs and was released by Aring Typeface AB.

Specify is a sans-serif typeface with real variety.

Drawn with precision by Måns Grebäck, it brings radiance and style to your graphic profile, while being calm and dependable. Its 40 styles and support for all European languages guarantees that it will work in any context.

Try utilizing the Black designs for headlines, the Thin and Light for logotypes, and the Medium and Vibrant weights for body text. If you discover the Typical width to be too shy, broaden your words with the Expanded and Extraexpanded styles! Or narrow your text down without leaving any information out with the condensed width.

Font Family:
· Specify Normal Thin
· Specify Normal Thin Italic
· Specify Normal Light
· Specify Normal Light Italic
· Specify Normal Medium
· Specify Normal Medium Italic
· Specify Normal Bold
· Specify Normal Bold Italic
· Specify Normal Black
· Specify Normal Black Italic
· Specify Condensed Thin
· Specify Condensed Thin Italic
· Specify Condensed Light
· Specify Condensed Light Italic
· Specify Condensed Medium
· Specify Condensed Medium Italic
· Specify Condensed Bold
· Specify Condensed Bold Italic
· Specify Condensed Black
· Specify Condensed Black Italic
· Specify Expanded Thin
· Specify Expanded Thin Italic
· Specify Expanded Light
· Specify Expanded Light Italic
· Specify Expanded Medium
· Specify Expanded Medium Italic
· Specify Expanded Bold
· Specify Expanded Bold Italic
· Specify Expanded Black
· Specify Expanded Black Italic
· Specify Extra Expanded Thin
· Specify Extra Expanded Thin Italic
· Specify Extra Expanded Light
· Specify Extra Expanded Light Italic
· Specify Extra Expanded Medium
· Specify Extra Expanded Medium Italic
· Specify Extra Expanded Bold
· Specify Extra Expanded Bold Italic
· Specify Extra Expanded Black
· Specify Extra Expanded Black Italic

Specify Font Preview
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