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Speedy Space Goat Oddity Font

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Speedy Space Goat OddityDesigner: Vladimir Tsagolov
Publisher: LomoHiber
Speedy Area Goat Curiosity was designed by Vladimir Tsagolov and released by LomoHiber. Rapid Space Goat Oddity includes 1 style. p >

Speedy Area Goat Quirk is the font style with truly interesting mood.

My function was to transfer liberty, immediacy, and a little madness with it. I've painted it with self-made paint and brush in a trippy environment.

You can utilize Speedy Area Goat Quirk practically all over (not for body text). It's great for posters, clothes style, plan style, music album covers. Also, with the right technique, you can utilize it as horror font.

Speedy Space Goat Curiosity Features:

Pant texture 2 ligatures for tt and ff 14 contextual alternates for the majority of common double letters Carefully tuned kerning (preview above doesn't show it for some reason)

If you have some problems or concerns, please let me know: lhfonts@gmail.com

Hope you'll enjoy utilizing Speedy Space Goat Oddity!

Font Family: Speedy Space Goat Oddity Regular

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