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Spooktacular Font

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SpooktacularDesigner: Ricky Rinaldi
Publisher: Aiyari
Designed by Ricky Rinaldi, Spooktacular is a sans serif, serif and dingbat font family. This typeface has fifteen styles and was published by Aiyari.

Spooktacular font family is the fusion of beatnik movement on 1950’s, vintage horror movie, and vintage comics. The typeface offer the magics of open type features such contextual alternate and stylistic alternate which make the typeface looks more playful. Spooktacular comes with extra doddle dingbats to make your design looks perfect.

Spooktacular Font Family best uses for headings, Logo type, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, printed quotes, cover album, movie, etc

Font Family:
· Spooktacular Serif Thin
· Spooktacular Serif Light
· Spooktacular Serif Regular
· Spooktacular Serif Medium
· Spooktacular Serif Demi??Bold
· Spooktacular Serif Semi Bold
· Spooktacular Serif Bold
· Spooktacular Serif Extra Bold
· Spooktacular Serif Expanded
· Spooktacular Sans Sans Light
· Spooktacular Sans Sans Regular
· Spooktacular Sans Sans Semi Bold
· Spooktacular Sans Sans Bold
· Spooktacular Sans Sans Black
· Spooktacular Extras Regular

Spooktacular Font Preview
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