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Squalo Font

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SqualoDesigner: Juan Pablo de Gregorio
Publisher: Letritas
Designed by Juan Pablo De Gregorio, Squalo is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has eighteen designs and was published by Letritas.

Squalo, the genesis

The idea of this brand-new job called Squalo ran into my mind when I was working up with enjoyment to my sketches, chasing after for a strong typographical character, that for me has to be crystallized in a form which is always clear and functional.

The concept

The idea of Squalo raises from the observation of athlete's bodies: you can discover that even if they are all thin, they all reveal at the same time strong, cut and chiselled figures. The sport they play molds and modify their bodies.

Just think, for example, to a professional swimmer: during the competition every muscle, tendon, tissue, cell is working to swim quicker. Each and every single part exists to give strongness and speed like in a squalo (shark in italian).


Neither as an eel, nor as a mermaid, nor as a hake. Just like a shark.


If you take a glance, you can see that the width of the typeface is somewhat more condensed than that a person of a routine typography sans serif. This helped to strengthen the concept of stylized typography.


On the other hand, the pointer ends of the characters A, V, W, Z, v, w, z, create a feeling of "stress", reinforcing the idea of shark, danger, caution, too agile movements. pure strength. I desired to remember the exact moment of the kickstart in a 100 meters race: when the sprinter spreads out all his effective energy.


The italic variation, beginning from the former two typographical ideas (that is condensation and stress) stresses them. Firstly, I compressed the characters 10 percent more, and slanted it 10 degrees to the right. With this movement I intended to convey the stunning feeling of tension in power and rapidity.


The typeface has 9 weights, from "hair" to "black", and 2 versions, "regular" and "italic".


There are 18 source files that contain little caps, unicase, tabular and oldstyle numbers, numerators and denominators, and much more.


Squalo is an ideal typeface that I recommend to use in marketing projects, in design of packaging, publications, branding for television programs, movies, book texts, editorial, publications, logos, corporative projects, web texts, and graphic style in motion.

.Font Family:
· Squalo Hair
· Squalo Hair Italic
· Squalo Thin
· Squalo Thin Italic
· Squalo Ultra Light
· Squalo Ultra Light Italic
· Squalo Light
· Squalo Light Italic
· Squalo Regular
· Squalo Italic
· Squalo Normal
· Squalo Normal Italic
· Squalo Semi Bold
· Squalo Semi Bold Italic
· Squalo Bold
· Squalo Bold Italic
· Squalo Black
· Squalo Black Italic

Squalo Font Preview
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