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Stamppad Font

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StamppadPublisher: Aah Yes
Stamppad was published by Aah Yes. Stamppad consists of 6 designs and family bundle choices. p > Stamppad is a digitization of a rubber stamp pad, but with more than simply the basics you 'd get with a stamp-pad. It's a household of 6, and there's a full set of punctuation and accented characters for practically all European Languages, and pretty much everything you 'd expect from a fully-featured typeface. You'll also see that it's an All-Caps typeface - that's what the actual stamp-pad was - and the Upper and Lower case characters are not identical.

The Regular version is - as you would expect - the normal (and All-Caps) version.

The Accents version is practically identical to the Routine variation other than for those accented characters where the accent is above the letter (like e-acute, N-tilde, U-dieresis and so on) - they have smaller sized base-letters so the total height is the exact same as their un-accented versions, rather than extending above.

The Small variation has small lower-case letters (but they're still upper-case, simply smaller sized, like Little Caps).

The Black version is like a negative image, where the letters appear as white on a black background, and the Block variation is the same however with area as a clear 'white' space, so that specific words will look like separate blocks, rather than belonging to a constant strip.

And the Shadow variation is obvious.

Also, with a layered graphics program like Photoshop and so on, you can put your text in the Black version, then Duplicate the layer on top of it with the Regular variation and set various coloured letters, all on a black (or any colour or colours you choose) background rather quickly, as you can see in the little flag image.

The font styles include special characters for all double-letter mixes from aa to zz and AA to ZZ (utilizing slightly various letter-shapes from the single variations) triggered by allowing Standard Ligatures, and likewise for lots of common combinations like EA, ea, st, un, AT; which you get by allowing Discretionary Ligatures, for a bit of variety if needed. This prevents excessive repeating and can give a more natural look to the text or display screen. Likewise there's Stylistic Alternates; Sups and Subs; fractions and slashed no. There's complete details in the zip.

Font Family:
· Stamppad
· Stamppad Accents
· Stamppad Black
· Stamppad Block
· Stamppad Shadow
· Stamppad Small

Tags: allcaps, distressed, grunge, ink, pad, rubber, stamp

Stamppad Font Preview

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