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Steagal Font

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SteagalDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Steagal was designed by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Steagal consists of 18 styles and household plan choices. p > I enjoy geometric sans serifs, their quality and rationality. Le Havre taps into this style, however for a while, I have actually wished to create a font style remembering the printed Futura of the 1940s, which appears to have an evasive quality all its own. After seeing an old manual on a World War II ship, I established a strategy for 'Le Havre Metal' but picked to shelve the task due to Le Havre's small x-height. That's where Steagal comes in.

When Robbie de Villiers and I started the Chatype job in early 2012 (a job which led one publication to identify me the Edward Johnston of Chattanooga!), we began closely studying the vernacular lettering of Chattanooga. Throughout that time, I also checked out Switzerland, where I saw how designers were using a new, handcrafted visual with a geometric base. I was inspired to make a brand-new face combining some of these very same influences. The main inspiration for the new design came from the hand-lettering of sign painters in the United States, circa 1930s through 1950s. My Chatype research study showed up a poster from the Tennessee Valley Authority in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which displayed a variety of peculiarities from the distinct hand and design of one of these sign artists.

Completing the initial draft of Steagal, however, I found that the face appeared somewhat European in character. I turned then to the work of Morris Fuller Benton for a clearly American take and found a number of functions that would help define Steagal as a '1930s American' vernacular typeface-- features I later discovered likewise inspired Morris Fuller Benton's Eagle. The total development of Steagal was surprisingly challenging, understanding when to intentionally distort optical artifacts and when to keep them in place. Part of type style is remedying optical illusions, and I found myself absentmindedly adjusting the optical impacts. In the end, though, I had the ability to draw motivation from duration indications, inscriptions, period posters, and architecture while keeping just enough of the naive sensibility.

Steagal has softened edges, which replicate brush strokes and keep the sensation of the human hand. The standard version has special peculiarities that are not too invasive. Overshoots have actually practically been removed, and joins have very little corrections. The rounded types are mathematically best, geometric figures without optical corrections. As a variation to the requirement, the "Rough" variation stands as the 'bad signpainter' variation with plenty of character.

Steagal Regular can be found in 5 weights and is loaded with OpenType functions. Steagal consists of three Art Deco Alternate sets, optically compensated rounded types, a monospaced version, and numerous other features. In all, there are over 200 alternate characters. To see these features in action, please see the informative.pdf brochure. OpenType capable applications such as Quark or the Adobe Creative suite can make the most of the immediately replacing ligatures and alternates. Steagal likewise includes assistance for all Western European languages.

Steagal is a great method to discreetly draw attention to your work. Its special quirks grab the eye with a authority that few typefaces possess. Embrace its vernacular, hand-brushed appearance, and see what this geometric sans serif can do for you.

Font Family:
· Steagal Thin
· Steagal Thin Italic
· Steagal Light
· Steagal Light Italic
· Steagal
· Steagal Italic
· Steagal Medium
· Steagal Medium Italic
· Steagal Bold
· Steagal Bold Italic
· Steagal Rough Light
· Steagal Rough Light Italic
· Steagal Rough
· Steagal Rough Italic
· Steagal Rough Medium
· Steagal Rough Medium Italic
· Steagal Rough Bold
· Steagal Rough Bold Italic

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Steagal Font Preview

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