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Sterling Script Font

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Sterling ScriptDesigners: Rebecca Alaccari, Patrick Griffin
Publisher: Canada Type
Sterling Script was developed by Rebecca Alaccari, Patrick Griffin and published by Canada Type. Sterling Script consists of 7 designs and family package options. p > Sterling Script was at first indicated to a be digitization/reinterpretation of a copperplate script widely utilized during what effectively ended up being the last decade of metal type: Stephenson Blake's Youthline, from 1952. The years from 1945 to 1960 saw a heightened demand for copperplate faces, due to post-war market optimism, in addition to the banking and insurance industries flourishing like never ever before, which triggered the requirement for design components that express official sophistication and luxury.

The name Sterling Script is a pointer of our hat to England, the Stephenson Blake foundry's nation of origin. It is likewise a historic tip about copperplate scripts having been utilized mainly for banking and bonds in the 19th century.

Originally we just wished to reanimate a gorgeous metal type from the ashes of forgotten history. But after the primary font was done we saw that the initial s really needed an alternate. We made one. However we felt sorry for the original s and didn't wish to see it dropped from usage completely, so we waited by developing a set of ligatures that fix the minor connection issue with the s at big sizes. Before the completion of the ligatures, a few different alternates were also drawn, and we were dealt with by the fact that the single font we set out to do was now a much bigger set than we anticipated. While believing about how to split up our unexpected bundle of big characters, we drew a couple of more alternates and some swashes. This abundance 'issue' reached a certain point where there was no looking back, so we just decided to go all the way with this font style. We added much more alternates, swashes, ligatures, and two full sets of each beginning and ending lowercase letter. The result is over 750 characters of large elegance.

Sterling Script has lots of features that set it above and beyond other copperplate scripts:

- It has 2 start and 2 ending alternates for each single lowercase character. The beginning and ending variations on the vowels are likewise available in accented form in the proper cells of the character map.

- Sterling Script is the ultimate classy typeface option for luxury design. Extremely elegant, however not too soft. Its strong and positive shapes communicate a message that is real, soothing and assuring.

- One of the eventual purposes of expanding Sterling Script this extensively was to produce a script that discovers the middle ground in between formal and informal without compromising either quality, a script where the degree of procedure can be evaluated, tweaked, cranked up or softened depending on the layout's requirements. Aside from starts and endings, there are multiple variations for most of the fundamental characters. This is an official script on steroids, where twirls and swashes can be set to come out unexpectedly from any place in the word, which is terrific for reducing the fundamental rigidness of words embeded in copperplate scripts and 'humanizing' them whenever required. This is especially useful for wedding, postcard and invite style, where not every viewer of the collateral material has something to do with banking or insurance coverage.

- With such an extensive character set, a designer can easily set a word or a sentence in 10 or more different ways, and select the perfect one for the job at hand. This is particularly useful for work where information are of utmost importance, like logo designs, mottos, or stylish inscriptions that consist of one to three words. Let those swashes and twirls link for optimum elegance.

The Sterling Script complete plan consists of 7 typefaces: Sterling Script, Alternates, Beginnings, Endings, Swashes, Swash Alternates, and Ligatures. Sterling Script is available in 5 various purchase options and cost ranges. But with such a massive offering of variation, the Sterling Script complete plan is certainly the most value-laden set in its class. Once you use Sterling Script, you will never ever wish to go back to other copperplates.

Font Family:
· Sterling Script
· Sterling Script Ligatures
· Sterling Script Beginnings
· Sterling Script Endings
· Sterling Script Alts
· Sterling Script Swash Alts
· Sterling Script Swashes

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, alternates, calligraphic, calligraphy, connected, copperplate, elegant, english, engraving, fancy, flair, flourished, formal, graceful, invitation, royal, script, swashes, valentine, wedding, wild

Sterling Script Font Preview

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