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String Font

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StringDesigner: Maximiliano Sproviero
Publisher: Lián Types
String was designed by Maximiliano Sproviero and released by Lián Types. String includes 2 styles and family plan options. p > Inspired by the sound of acoustic guitars, special of harps and sophistication of the engrossers script, String is a fashionable monoline typeface which will for sure make special layouts for your pieces of design.

Combining String with String Hole in the very same word is an excellent concept when a more lively rhythm is required. The font works especially well when standing on photos, so be all set to utilize it in publications with food, landscapes or incredibly models.

I like thinking of String as a distilled variation of Erotica. A more "pure" relative of hers. When I created Erotica, I was so in love with the spencerian design that I knew it 'd be tough to simply abandon it. With that in mind, this time my aim was to take the subtlety of it to the limitation. So, in order to do that I needed to discover what was in fact the trick of its charm. I found that the essence of Erotica, simply put, its ductus was the most responsible.

The outcome is a font made from hairlines with a great deal of focus on the pureness of the type and, (with a great deal of inspiration in music) the feeling of continuity between its letters as if they were composed with a string.

Try String and its flowing melody.

Font Family:
· String
· String Hole

Tags: artsy, bond, connected, copperplate, cursive, curvy, cute, decorative, handwritten, hipster, hole, invitation, letter, letterpress, ligature, light, love, magazine, mainstream, marriage, monoline, neon, playful, pretty, script, spencerian, strand, swash, thin, trend, wedding

String Font Preview

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