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Sybilla Multiverse Font

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Sybilla MultiverseDesigner: Vassil Kateliev
Publisher: Karandash
Sybilla Multiverse was created by Vassil Kateliev and published by Karandash. Sybilla Multiverse includes 294 designs and family plan options. p > Take a deep dive into the Sybilla Multiverse with this unique 294 style multi-versatile type household-- a more imaginative exploration of the capabilities offered by our original warm and friendly slab design. Encompassing one body and six display screen sub-families, Sybilla Multiverse is a special attempt to develop a never before seen symphony of text and ornamental type that spans in multiple usable widths and weights. Each sub-style includes seven weights in 3 widths with complimentary real italics. Sybilla Multiverse is ideally fit for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo design, branding and innovative industries, poster and billboards, small text and signs in addition to web and screen design.

Every among the styles provided (body or screen) supplies a broad variety of sophisticated typographical functions such as small caps, case-sensitive kinds, fractions, scientific inferiors, extremely- and subscript characters. It comes with a complete figure variety set of oldstyle and lining figures, each in tabular and proportional widths.

Sybilla Multiverse has substantial multilingual assistance, covering more than 70 Latin-based languages and specifically designed Cyrillic that works harmoniously with its Latin equivalents-- a best option for jobs that require both writing systems running side by side.

Font Family:
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Thin
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Light
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Book
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Book Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Regular
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Regular Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Medium
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Bold
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Heavy
· Sybilla Soft Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Thin
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Thin Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Light
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Light Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Book
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Book Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Regular
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Regular Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Medium
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Medium Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Bold
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Bold Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Heavy
· Sybilla Soft Pro Narrow Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Thin
· Sybilla Soft Pro Thin Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Light
· Sybilla Soft Pro Light Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Book
· Sybilla Soft Pro Book Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Regular
· Sybilla Soft Pro Regular Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Medium
· Sybilla Soft Pro Medium Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Bold
· Sybilla Soft Pro Bold Italic
· Sybilla Soft Pro Heavy
· Sybilla Soft Pro Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Thin
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Light
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Book
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Book Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Regular
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Regular Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Medium
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Bold
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Heavy
· Sybilla Rough Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Thin
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Thin Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Light
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Light Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Book
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Book Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Regular
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Regular Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Medium
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Medium Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Bold
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Bold Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Heavy
· Sybilla Rough Pro Narrow Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Thin
· Sybilla Rough Pro Thin Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Light
· Sybilla Rough Pro Light Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Book
· Sybilla Rough Pro Book Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Regular
· Sybilla Rough Pro Regular Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Medium
· Sybilla Rough Pro Medium Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Bold
· Sybilla Rough Pro Bold Italic
· Sybilla Rough Pro Heavy
· Sybilla Rough Pro Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Thin
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Light
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Book
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Book Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Regular
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Regular Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Medium
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Bold
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Heavy
· Sybilla Rust Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Sybilla Rust Pro Narrow Thin
· Sybilla Rust Pro Narrow Thin Italic

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