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Telidon Font

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TelidonPublisher: Typodermic Fonts Inc.
Telidon is a typewriter typeface family. This typeface has eighteen designs and was published by Typodermic Typefaces Inc.

Telidon was inspired by the noisy, old dot matrix printers of the 1970s and 80s. You can practically hear the zinging of the print-head zipping throughout the tractor-fed pages. While printing the most recent monthly sales figures, opportunities were pretty excellent you were taking a look at something like Telidon. The print was pixelly, monospaced and ungraceful however it had a particular appeal and did the job in a hurry even if it was noise was enough to drown out the bossÅfs voice. Savor the paradox of utilizing your expensive modern-day printer to recreate the appearance of a dot matrix printer.

Text for email update: This brand-new version of Telidon has enhanced vertical metrics for enhanced cross-broswer web performance.

Font Family:
· Telidon Regular
· Telidon Italic
· Telidon Bold
· Telidon Bold Italic
· Telidon Heavy
· Telidon Heavy Italic
· Telidon Condensed
· Telidon Condensed Italic
· Telidon Condensed Bold
· Telidon Condensed Bold Italic
· Telidon Condensed Heavy
· Telidon Condensed Heavy Italic
· Telidon Expanded
· Telidon Expanded Italic
· Telidon Expanded Bold
· Telidon Expanded Bold Italic
· Telidon Expanded Heavy
· Telidon Expanded Heavy Italic

Telidon Font Preview
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