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Temeraire Font

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TemeraireDesigner: Quentin Schmerber
Publisher: TypeTogether
Temeraire was created by Quentin Schmerber and released by TypeTogether. Temeraire consists of 5 styles and family package options. p > Quentin Schmerber's Temeraire serif font family was not designed to be undetectable. It is a typographic exploration meant to be seen - with its beauty, one could even say beheld. While some font styles aim to be as easily neglected as possible, Temeraire is provided as a present to wide-eyed readers with its anything-but-boring character and its conspicuous disparity in styles.

Most type households increase the weight of each character to expand the household. Rather, research into 17th century sources produced Temeraire's wide variety of letterforms, from the predictable to the odd and loosely related through time. Each style is developed to work along with the others but are also standalone tributes to particular parts of English lettering custom: gravestone cutting, writing masters' copperplates, Italiennes, and others.

Temeraire's Routine design is a contrast-loving Transitional Serif with vertical tension, making it great for duration and traditional works, ironic pieces, and modern throwbacks. The weight of the Vibrant squares off completions of each glyph to offer it stability, and the italic style rings real: streaming, contrasting, and actively inconsistent.

Temeraire's Show Black style is one salvaged from expressive gravestone artistry. The information most quickly observed are the 'g' with its coming down bowl that has been pushed back up in the centre, and the additional serif on the 't' crossbar that holds its neighbouring character at bay. (The 'g' and 'Q' have loopless alternates.) The final style is the Italienne, the horizontally stressed counterpoint to the household. By design its characters circulation and bend in methods not in action with the remainder of the household. All the weight has actually been pushed to either hemisphere within each glyph, resulting in a display design that requires space and serenity around it so its existence can impress.

As with all TypeTogether families, Temeraire satisfies the present designer's needs. Not just does its five styles shine in print work, it includes alternates for when the defaults are too lively and has been skillfully crafted for screens. The Temeraire serif font style household is reanimated from echoes in time and discovers its household relation through remarkable taste.

Font Family:
· Temeraire Regular
· Temeraire Italic
· Temeraire Bold
· Temeraire Display Black
· Temeraire Italienne Italic

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