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Temper Wide Font

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Temper WidePublisher: OGJ Type Design
Temper Wide is a piece serif font style household. This typeface has eight styles and was published by OGJ Type Design.

Temper Wide was designed in 2018 by type designer Jeschke in Berlin.

The font includes numerous cuts from light to strong and is officially based upon its predecessor, Follow up 100.


A characteristic feature of the Mood Wide is the nearly equivalent thickness of the vertical and horizontal strokes, the horizontally cut endings of the letters a, c, e, g, s, as well as a striking R.


Unlike other piece faces, the kinds are definitely tidy and the x-height, in the normal density gradation a bit higher, in favor of legibility.


Temper Wide supports up to 74 languages.
Graphics by Sagara Hirsch, Zurich.

.Font Family:
· Temper Wide 45
· Temper Wide 46
· Temper Wide 55
· Temper Wide 56
· Temper Wide 65
· Temper Wide 66
· Temper Wide 75
· Temper Wide 76

Temper Wide Font Preview
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