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TessieFlyingBirds Font

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TessieFlyingBirdsDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
TessieFlyingBirds was designed by Robert Schenk and published by Ingrimayne Type. TessieFlyingBirds consists of 2 designs and family plan choices. p > A tessellation is a shape that can be used to totally fill the plane-simple examples are isosceles triangles, squares, and hexagons. Tessellation patterns are distinctive and aesthetically attractive, which is the reason that they have long been popular in a range of decorative circumstances. These Tessie typefaces have two household members, a solid style that needs to have different colors when used and an overview design. They can be used individually or they can be used in layers with the outline style on top of the strong style. For rows to align properly, leading must be the same as point size. To see how patterns can be built, see the "Samples" file here.

Shapes that tessellate and also look like real-world things are typically called Escher-like tessellations. This typeface includes lots of Escher-like tessellations that look like flying birds. Most or all of these shapes were discovered/created by the font designer throughout the past twenty years in the procedure of developing maze books, colorings books, and a book about tessellations.

( Earlier tessellation fonts from IngrimayneType, the TessieDingies fonts, lack a black or filled version so can refrain from doing color scheme. The addition of a strong design that must be colored makes these new fonts a bit harder to utilize but provides far higher possibilities in getting visually intriguing outcomes.)

Font Family:
· TessieFlyingBirds Regular
· TessieFlyingBirds Outline

Tags: animals, birds, dingbats, escher, geometry, interlock, interlocking, mathematical, mathematics, non-alphabetic, ornaments, pattern, patterns, picture, tessellation, tiles

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