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TessieLettersSingles Font

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TessieLettersSinglesDesigner: Robert Schenk
Created by Robert Schenk, TessieLettersSingles is a novelty and dingbat font style family. This typeface has two designs and was released by Ingrimayne Type.

A tessellation is a shape that can be used to completely fill the plane-- basic examples are isosceles triangles, squares, and hexagons. Tessellation patterns are attractive and aesthetically appealing, which is the reason that they have long been popular in a range of ornamental situations, such as quilting. The shapes in the TessieLetters series are meant to recommend a letters of the alphabet.
The TessieLetters font styles contain tessellation shapes that can be utilized to build tessellation patterns. Each family has 2 styles, a summary design and a filled or black design. The black design can be used to construct colored patterns. To see how patterns can be constructed, see the collateral " Samples" file. Numerous or these patterns were discovered/created by the font designer during the previous twenty years in the process of developing labyrinth books, coloring books, and a book about tessellations.

In TessieLettersSingles all the tessellations are one-key tessellations. The shapes do not have to be turned or turned to fit together.

TessieLettersSingles is an image or dingbat typeface. For font styles that use letter shapes that tessellate that can be utilized for text, see the Tescellations family.

Font Family:
· Regular
· Outline

TessieLettersSingles Font Preview
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