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Testament Font

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TestamentPublisher: Canada Type
Testament is a historic and display serif font household. This typeface has 9 designs and was published by Canada Type.

From the standpoint of calligraphy, a font style family of capitals and uncials makes ideal sense. The Roman square capitals, the quadrata, are matched by round capitals of older Greek origin; the word "uncus" implies hook-shaped like a beak or talon. Interrelated and often interchangeable, these capital letters acted as book hands for both the Latin West and the Greek-speaking East prior to they developed into minuscule alphabets. The Testament family is based on the couple of official capital manuscripts of the Bible, Virgil and Homer that have survived from the ancient world.

Throughout the Middle Ages both uncials and square capitals were used, frequently together, for headings and preliminary characters. By their nature the Roman capitals are the voice of Caesar and hold the location of authority, while the uncials promote the Church in a balanced relationship. In ancient times church and state were not as separate as they are now, and the alphabets were not as various as typographic custom has actually made them. In this calligraphic rendering it is clear that they are of the same compound and can be composed in the same style, conveying even to the modern eye the everlasting and classical quality of legendary and scripture.

Testament is available in all popular typeface formats, and includes support for a vaster-than-usual variety of Latin-based languages.

Font Family:
· Testament I Regular
· Testament I Medium
· Testament I Bold
· Testament II Regular
· Testament II Medium
· Testament II Bold
· Testament III Regular
· Testament III Medium
· Testament III Bold

Testament Font Preview
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