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Text Tile Font

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Text TileDesigner: Neil Patel
Publisher: Tetradtype
Text Tile was designed by Neil Patel and released by Tetradtype. Text Tile contains 8 styles and household plan alternatives. p > TextTile is a system of heavy sans entitling faces which can be made use of to bring a duplicating chromatic pattern throughout words and letters. It stands apart from other chromatic faces, where layered effects usually connect just within each letter and do not execute from one letter to another.

The pattern repeating throughout letters of differing widths is attained through OpenType substitution, utilizing conditional alternates for each successive letter to permit a smooth appearance across words, no matter letter mixes. Though the pattern exists on a stringent grid and the letters' widths and spacing need to be highly regular in order to preserve the pattern repeat, the letterforms themselves are not rigid; rather, they appear natural, lively.

The preliminary release includes patterns motivated by a timeless buffalo plaid, separated into its horizontal and vertical components to maximize the innovative possibilities for layering one-, two-, 3-, and even four-color plaid patterns. Kits are available to produce the plaid pattern in detail-with overlapping diagonal hatching totally visible-or as a simplified variation in which transparency can be used to simulate plaid or to produce a checkered or striped effect.

The TextTile household of fonts is a versatile canvas for blending and matching a broad variety of patterns to produce a special look. Inspect back for more pattern releases and have a look at the online specimen to see what is possible with the existing offerings.

Usage Notes

For best results use an OpenType aware program.

Enabling Contextual Alternates will guarantee pattern alignment.

For patterns that are made up of vertical stripes or columns utilizing the Stylistic Alternate/Stylistic Set 1 will move the columns.

Stylistic Set 2 will change 1-0 into blocks of patterns.

Font Family:
· Text Tile
· Text Tile Hstripe E Full
· Text Tile Hstripe F Full
· Text Tile Vstripe E Full
· Text Tile Vstripe F Full
· Text Tile Slash1 Brow
· Text Tile Slash2 Bcol
· Text Tile BSlash1 Bcol

Text Tile Font Preview

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