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Thicker Font

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ThickerDesigners: Francesco Canovaro, Andrea Tartarelli
Publisher: Zetafonts
Thicker was created by Francesco Canovaro, Andrea Tartarelli and released by Zetafonts. Thicker contains 44 styles and household plan options. p >

Thicker is a type-family developed for Zetafonts by Francesco Canovaro with Andrea Tartarelli. A geometric sans typeface on steroids, it was very first created in the muscular extrablack weight with the aesthetic appeals of high-power dynamic typefaces used in sports communication, and after that developed in the lighter weights where the shapes show some vintage-inspired percentages and the somewhat squared appearance that nods to Novarese well-known Eurostile, eponymous with retro-futurism.

With these varied influences the typeface permits both impressive screen usage and efficient logo design as well as more fine-tuned editorial use in body text - with a natural disposition for efficient and effective advertising. Sports typography usually utilizes italics to add dynamism and impact, and Thicker adhere to this by providing an option of 3 alternate italic forms with various slant, made more adjustable by the inclusion of variable font innovation that permits fine tuning of the weight variety along with precise choice of typeface slant.

In each of the 44 weights of the typeface family (as well as in the all-in-one variable type solution) Thicker uses a prolonged charset of over 900 latin, cyrillic and greek glyphs, covering over two hundred languages and including helpful Open Type features (Alternate forms, Positional Numerals, Little Caps and Case Sensitive Types) for perfect typesetting.

Font Family:
· Thicker Thin
· Thicker Thin Italic
· Thicker Thin Slanted
· Thicker Thin Upright
· Thicker Extralight
· Thicker Extralight Italic
· Thicker Extralight Slanted
· Thicker Extralight Upright
· Thicker Light
· Thicker Light Italic
· Thicker Light Slanted
· Thicker Light Upright
· Thicker Regular
· Thicker Regular Italic
· Thicker Regular Slanted
· Thicker Regular Upright
· Thicker Medium
· Thicker Medium Italic
· Thicker Medium Slanted
· Thicker Medium Upright
· Thicker Semibold
· Thicker Semibold Italic
· Thicker Semibold Slanted
· Thicker Semibold Upright
· Thicker Bold
· Thicker Bold Italic
· Thicker Bold Slanted
· Thicker Bold Upright
· Thicker Extrabold
· Thicker Extrabold Italic
· Thicker Extrabold Slanted
· Thicker Extrabold Upright
· Thicker Black
· Thicker Black Italic
· Thicker Black Slanted
· Thicker Black Upright
· Thicker Extrablack
· Thicker Extrablack Italic
· Thicker Extrablack Slanted
· Thicker Extrablack Upright
· Thicker Inline
· Thicker Inline Italic
· Thicker Inline Slanted
· Thicker Destroy

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