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Title Font

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TitleDesigners: Jérémie Hornus, Julie Soudanne
Publisher: Indian Type Foundry
Designed by Julie Soudanne and Jérémie Hornus, Title is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has 5 styles and was published by Indian Type Foundry.

Title is a typeface family for movie titles and credits series. Its design is narrow and practical. The compressed letterforms are made up of almost monolinear strokes only some characters have noticeable contrast. Each font features a particularly special capital J that doesn t descend; its out-stroke mirrors the terminals on C, G, S, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9.


Title s style also includes 2 forms of the lowercase g, and the typefaces Euro and Yen currency symbols have a gap in the center of their primary strokes.

.Font Family:
· Title Extra Light
· Title Light
· Title Regular
· Title Medium
· Title Bold

Title Font Preview
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