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Transcribed JNL Font

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Transcribed JNLDesigner: Jeff Levine
Publisher: Jeff Levine
Transcribed JNL was developed by Jeff Levine and published by Jeff Levine. Transcribed JNL contains 1 design. p > The term 'transcribed' handles numerous definitions. In sheet music (the source of this type face design) it suggests to set down onto paper. In the developmental days of radio, and up until the development of the tape recorder, radio stations depended on 16 inch broad recordable discs called transcriptions.

These discs were generally aluminum base with a soft lacquer finishing that was cut with a heated stylus. This was the only method a program might be tape-recorded and protected for later broadcast or copied for syndication.

Transcribed JNL is a hand lettered sans in the chamfer design of block lettering, based upon classic sheet music showing the name and address for Zenith Music Publications.

Font Family: Transcribed JNL

Tags: block, chamfer, display, headline, retro, sanserif, vintage

Transcribed JNL Font Preview

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