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TT Frantz Font

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TT FrantzDesigner: Vika Usmanova
Designed by Vika Usmanova, TT Frantz is an art deco and display sans font household. This typeface has 4 designs and was published by TypeTrends.

TT Frantz is an experimental variable font style, identified by its slimness and lightness. The variation in the font affects the modification in the height of the mean line-- by moving the axis adjustment slider you can quickly raise or lower the mean line of the font.

In TT Frantz, you can discover little recommendations to the art deco aesthetics, which are revealed in substantially decreased or, on the other hand, heightened waist of the letters. In addition, depending on the position of the axis change slider, the closedness of the aperture changes for some letters.

In order to protect the highlight of the font-- the modification in the height of the primary line-- we made lowercase characters as tall as uppercase ones, however at the exact same time we kept small kerns. An intriguing reality is that in Cyrillic letters з с а е, the irregularity of the aperture follows a different circumstance in comparison with their Latin sisters.

When dealing with TT Frantz, we tried to make it so that when altering the irregularity, the width of the characters would not alter, and the font style would remain uniwidth. And in order to prevent holes in the set, we made contextual alternates and numerous ligatures.

Frantz includes 470 glyphs, and in addition to broad language assistance (Latin and Cyrillic) it can provide standard and old-style figures, including their tabular versions, along with ligatures.

An important information concerning variable font styles. At the moment, not all graphic editors, programs and browsers support variable font styles. You can examine the status of support for the irregularity of your software here: v-fonts. com/support/


But do not anguish-- even if you do not have access to the required software, you still have the opportunity to use TT Frantz in your tasks. Specifically for you, we have actually prepared 3 separate non-variable styles (Frantz A, Frantz B, Frantz C), each of which is accountable for a certain area of the mean line of the font and where this line is currently repaired in a specific position (high, medium and low).

.Font Family:
· Variable
· A
· B
· C

TT Frantz Font Preview
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