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TT Mussels Font

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TT MusselsDesigners: TypeType Team, Vika Usmanova
Publisher: TypeType
TT Mussels was developed by TypeType Team, Vika Usmanova and published by TypeType. TT Mussels consists of 36 designs and family package choices. p > Helpful links:

TT Mussels PDF Type Specimen

TT Mussels graphic discussion at Behance

The TT Mussels typeface household is the follower of such popular fonts as Bender and TT Squares. At the very same time, TT Mussels has a variety of essential differences that make it a special font style household that sticks out from other octagonal typefaces. When creating TT Mussels, we paid great attention to the possibility of imposing big varieties of text, and we can responsibly specify that TT Mussels is an unusual kind of technological text typefaces. To accompany the rest, we've produced a stencil version of the typeface, in which the location of the cuts changes according to their thickness.

In overall, the TT Mussels font family consists of 36 faces, that include among other things stylistic alternatives, ligatures, and also carries out a broad support for OpenType functions: case, frac, ordn, sups, sinf, numr, dnom, onum, tnum, pnum, liga, dlig, salt, ss01.

Dynamic contrast is extensively carried out in TT Mussels. It is most obvious in the Black typeface, where the ratio of the thickness of the vertical strokes to the horizontal strokes is around two to one. For the Thin typeface, the thickness of the vertical strokes is currently consistent with the density of the horizontal strokes.

You can also find other signs of regard for standard text font styles in the TT Mussels style, such as the trace of pen movement which is historically typical for antiquas. For example, in the letter M from the Black face, we can first see a thin stroke, then a thick diagonal stroke followed by a thin diagonal stroke, and an ending up strong vertical stroke. As in the case of vibrant contrast, this result gradually disappears when approaching thin faces.

In thick faces, in locations such as the "armpits" of the letters MNИ or the junctions of the diagonals of WVvw, there are visual compensators that brighten the strong typefaces. As the density of typefaces relocations from thick to thin, the dimensions and conceptual values of compensators change, and in thin typefaces they totally disappear.

Font Family:
· TT Mussels Thin
· TT Mussels Thin Italic
· TT Mussels Extra Light
· TT Mussels Extra Light Italic
· TT Mussels Light
· TT Mussels Light Italic
· TT Mussels Regular
· TT Mussels Italic
· TT Mussels Medium
· TT Mussels Medium Italic
· TT Mussels Demi Bold
· TT Mussels Demi Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Bold
· TT Mussels Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Extra Bold
· TT Mussels Extra Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Black
· TT Mussels Black Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Thin
· TT Mussels Stencil Thin Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Extra Light
· TT Mussels Stencil Extra Light Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Light
· TT Mussels Stencil Light Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Regular
· TT Mussels Stencil Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Medium
· TT Mussels Stencil Medium Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Demi Bold
· TT Mussels Stencil Demi Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Bold
· TT Mussels Stencil Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Extra Bold
· TT Mussels Stencil Extra Bold Italic
· TT Mussels Stencil Black
· TT Mussels Stencil Black Italic

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