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TT Nooks Font

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TT NooksDesigners: TypeType Team, Vika Usmanova
Publisher: Typetype
Developed by TypeType Group and Vika Usmanova, TT Nooks is a sans serif and serif font style family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by Typetype.

TT Nooks is a speculative font household that consists of a high contrast serif, TT Nooks, and an upright italic, TT Nooks Script. Regardless of the distinction in design, both subfamilies get along well, which is partly thanks to their comparable percentages. Each of the subfamilies consists of 4 weights: Light, Routine, Bold and Black.

The primary subfamily is TT Nooks-- a stylish high-contrast serif with a light touch of self-centeredness. If TT Nooks were a person, it would be a classy lady with an independent and firm personality. In the original sketches of TT Nooks there were traces of a broad pen, however in the course of further evolution the typeface moved away from this style, retaining just the high contrast of strokes. In addition, in the procedure of design searches TT Nooks has actually gotten a touch of geometricity.

The serifs in TT Nooks stand out particularly visibly thanks to their geometric shape that resembles slippers. In addition to their peculiarity, such serifs add stability to the font and allow much better compensation of the black and white ratio within the letters. TT Nooks has little capitals for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, as well as a set of stylistic alternates (consisting of some figures) that makes the typeface a bit more geometric. In addition, we have drawn more than 25 ligatures, consisting of ligatures for uppercase, slashed no and numerous other helpful OpenType features.

TT Nooks Script is a complementary family created to harmoniously extend the main family and broaden its scope. The types of the characters in strong and light fonts of TT Nooks Script are rather different. For example, Black & & Strong have high contrast strokes and an open aperture, and in Regular & & Light the aperture of the characters is closed. TT Nooks likewise has little capitals for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, ligatures, oldstyle figures and other OpenType features.

In light deals with, TT Nooks Script is more humanist and has artifacts fundamental to the continuous motion of a flat pen. In strong faces, TT Nooks Script has a really thick and vibrant typing rhythm, and the shape of the letters starts to geometrize. We had actually had the uphill struggle of maintaining the connection of kinds in between bold and light faces, and we have actually handled to resolve it thanks to the discovered rhythm, which joined various typefaces, and proximate stylistic solutions.

Font Family:
· TT Nooks Light
· TT Nooks Regular
· TT Nooks Bold
· TT Nooks Black
· TT Nooks Script Light
· TT Nooks Script Regular
· TT Nooks Script Bold
· TT Nooks Script Black

TT Nooks Font Preview
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