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TT Phobos Font

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TT PhobosDesigners: TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak
Publisher: TypeType
TT Phobos was designed by TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak and released by TypeType. TT Phobos includes 14 designs and household package alternatives. p > Useful links:

TT Phobos PDF Type Specimen

TT Phobos graphic discussion at Behance

TT Phobos is a pliable screen serif with a soft and gentle character. The features of the typeface are the moderate contrast in between vibrant and thin strokes, flexible visual compensators, and the counter-clockwise bend of internal ovals. In addition to 6 weights and 6 italic, TT Phobos also includes 2 initial ornamental fonts, inline and stencil.

Despite its pliability and show character, TT Phobos is dynamic enough and is well suited for text ranges even in big text blocks. The serifs of letters are entirely unbalanced and bring in dynamics when reading the text from left to right. Thanks to the unified contrast of black and white forms and internal negative spaces of the letters, along with its broad letter spacing, the typeface is well read in small sizes. In this case, the character of the letters is entirely protected, partially thanks to the overstated sophisticated visual compensators.

The decorative pattern utilized in TT Phobos Inline varies for capital and lowercase letters. Uppercase implement a more intricate double inline with a rhombic aspect in the middle, and in the lower case features a simplified kind of the inline, made in a single movement. Thanks to the original cutting, TT Phobos Stencil stands apart for its expression, and the rounded cuts add even more visual design to the font.

TT Phobos consists of 14 faces: 6 weights (Light, Regular, DemiBold, Vibrant, ExtraBold, Black), 6 Italics, inline and stencil. There are 17 ligatures in TT Phobos, consisting of a number of Cyrillic ones. The typeface has stylistic alternates, which includes an italic effect to the upright font styles, and a little solemnity of the upright version to the italics. In addition, we have not ignored the old-style figures and other beneficial OpenType functions, such as ordn, sups, sinf, dnom, numr, onum, tnum, pnum, liga, dlig, salt (ss01), frac, case.

Font Family:
· TT Phobos Light
· TT Phobos Light Italic
· TT Phobos Regular
· TT Phobos Italic
· TT Phobos Demi Bold
· TT Phobos Demi Bold Italic
· TT Phobos Bold
· TT Phobos Bold Italic
· TT Phobos Extra Bold
· TT Phobos Extra Bold Italic
· TT Phobos Black
· TT Phobos Black Italic
· TT Phobos Inline
· TT Phobos Stencil

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