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TT Smalls Font

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TT SmallsDesigners: TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Sergey Kotelnikov, Philipp Nurullin, Marina Khodak
Publisher: TypeType
TT Smalls was created by TypeType Group, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Sergey Kotelnikov, Philipp Nurullin, Marina Khodak and published by TypeType. TT Smalls includes 18 styles and household plan options. p > Useful links:

TT Smalls PDF Type Specimen

TT Smalls graphic presentation at Behance

Looking for a customized variation of TT Smalls?

TT Smalls is a geometric sans serif developed for usage in video clips and for video production. The main feature of the typeface family is the big difference in between the uppercase and lowercase characters, in which we intentionally reduce the x-height. At the exact same time, in order for signs to be legible and balanced, the font style utilizes pronounced visual compensators and a large letter spacing.

In the typeface there is an ornamental set of alternative characters that covers the uppercase Latin alphabet, uppercase Cyrillic alphabet, and standard figures. As the thickness of the strokes reduces, the number of layer lines in the design of the letter reduces. For example, in the Black weight, the style in an alternative decorative set consists of 4 layers-lines, and in Thin currently only of one line. In order to simplify the access to this unique set, we have actually set it for the SMCP (little caps) feature. You just need to turn it on.

Especially for video production, we have prepared a set of particular catchwords that are included in each font style, and whose height corresponds to the x-height of the lowercase indication. For catchwords output, you require to type an unique combination of characters. For instance, to get the AKA catchword, you require to type one of the following mixes: a+ k+ a, or A+K+A, or a_k_a, or A_K_A. Utilizing any of these combinations will make the catchword appear. It is very important to keep in mind that for successful use of catchwords, the feature calt (contextual alternates) should be completely turned on.

The TT Smalls font household includes 18 typefaces: 9 weights and 9 italics. The household has a set of stylistic alternatives, that make the typeface a bit more humanist when turned on. TT Smalls includes 16 ligatures, consisting of numerous Cyrillic, old-style figures, a set of navigational arrows. In addition, TT Smalls supports a big number of other beneficial OpenType features such as case, ordn, sups, sinf, dnom, numr, onum, tnum, pnum, calt, frac.

Font Family:
· TT Smalls Thin
· TT Smalls Thin Italic
· TT Smalls ExtraLight
· TT Smalls ExtraLight Italic
· TT Smalls Light
· TT Smalls Light Italic
· TT Smalls Regular
· TT Smalls Italic
· TT Smalls Medium
· TT Smalls Medium Italic
· TT Smalls DemiBold
· TT Smalls DemiBold Italic
· TT Smalls Bold
· TT Smalls Bold Italic
· TT Smalls ExtraBold
· TT Smalls ExtraBold Italic
· TT Smalls Black
· TT Smalls Black Italic

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