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TT Trailers Font

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TT TrailersDesigners: TypeType Team, Vika Usmanova
Publisher: Typetype
Designed by TypeType Group and Vika Usmanova, TT Trailers is a screen sans and dingbat font household. This typeface has eleven styles and was released by Typetype.

Buy the total TT Trailers household and get the variable variation for free.

The starting point of the TT Trailers project was the idea to establish a new generation of narrow typefaces for use in film credits and posters. Our portfolio currently had a modular geometric sans TT Bluescreens, so the brand-new project from the very start remained in a humanist spirit. In addition, we conducted a little research study and found that there are not many modern-day narrow humanist grotesques on the marketplace. TT Trailers is based upon the idea of preserving the quantity of white: when altering from thin to vibrant, the width of characters increases substantially, which eventually enables you to save an equivalent quantity of white within and between letters.

The huge challenge for us was the job of making the curves sufficiently smooth. The closed aperture of the characters also emphasizes the smoothness and plasticity of the letters and assists the typeface to keep a constant rhythm. In some letters, we designed flared diagonals and added huge compensators, which are created to combat potential sticking. In addition, we quite actively utilized "loops" in the design of some letters, which, together with the contrast and humanist design provide TT Trailers a minor retro touch and refer us to the movie theater posters of the 60s.


We invested a lot of time working with the rhythm of the typeface, which was quite hard due to the fact that of its humanist character, specifically in the Cyrillic sector. We have drawn contextual alternates for some Cyrillic sets of characters that are designed to assist preserve the rhythm of the typeface and to handle possible holes in the set, which is specifically crucial for this kind of ultra-thin font styles. In addition, the style of some Cyrillic letters turned out to be a bit uncommon, which is because of the functions embedded in them, but at the very same time this is intended to emphasize the character and the spirit of the font style family.


And now we will inform you a little more about the special TT Trailers features. Initially, it is the TITL OpenType feature (entitling alternates), which permits you to set up the letters one above the other, while not going beyond the height of the uppercase character. So, all you have to do is pick an even variety of characters and click on the TITL function and the characters will be put one above the other. Additionally, all the signs in this function are monospaced, so they will constantly lie strictly one above the other.


Secondly, we made it possible to raise letters and numbers to lower or upper case. In both cases, the character will inhabit half the height of the uppercase character and will perfectly match with blocks of double characters. In addition, you can consist of underscores in upper case characters. These functions are fantastic for usage in movie titles and posters, or for designs that need highlighted notation for topographic units.


In overall, the TT Trailers font style family consists of 11 fonts: this is the primary typeface consisting of 9 styles, a variable variation of the typeface, and 1 font style with icons. The primary styles include 1078 glyphs and have a broad language support (extended Latin, Cyrillic, Bulgarian locl., etc.). In addition, we drew a great deal of ligatures and alternates (for Latin and Cyrillic), oldstyle figures and just there are a lot of other helpful functions (ordn, case, c2sc, smcp, ccmp, frac, sinf, sups, numr, dnom, tnum, pnum, onum, lnum, liga, dlig, salt, ss01, ss02, ss03, ss04, ss05, ss06, ss07, ss08, titl, calt).


And make sure to attempt the variable version of TT Trailers, with which you can choose the specific thickness you need. The variable variation of TT Trailers completely copies the structure and functionality of standard designs and permits you to use all the features. By the way, when you acquire the entire TT Trailers family, you will get totally free the variable variation of the TT Trailers, TT Trailers Variable.

.Font Family:
· TT Trailers Thin
· TT Trailers Extra Light
· TT Trailers Light
· TT Trailers Regular
· TT Trailers Medium
· TT Trailers Demi Bold
· TT Trailers Bold
· TT Trailers Extra Bold
· TT Trailers Black
· TT Trailers Icon
· TT Trailers Variable

TT Trailers Font Preview
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