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TT Tricks Font

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TT TricksDesigners: Ivan Gladkikh, Phillip Nurullin, Sofia Yasenkova
Publisher: Typetype
Designed by Ivan Gladkikh, Phillip Nurullin and Sofia Yasenkova, TT Tricks is a serif and stencil font style family. This typeface has twenty-four designs and was published by Typetype.

TT Tricks is a modern-day serif font style household whose design refers us to the style of transitional serifs. The distinct features of TT Techniques are the relatively low contrast of strokes, the slightly squarish shapes of round characters and the stressed professional nature.

The original idea of TT Techniques is based upon the graduation job of student Sofia Yasenkova, who selected to produce an everyday coordinator font as her final project. This led to lots of stylistic decisions, for example, the large and asymmetrical serifs, low contrast strokes, and the presence of fascinating details.

In the process of working on TT Techniques, we have considerably modified the initial concept and broadened the locations of possible font application, while preserving the initial spirit of the project. Regardless of the a great deal of display screen details, the typeface looks great in a little point size, and also when it is utilized in big text arrays.

TT Tricks includes an initial stylistic set which, when turned on, includes features of typical pointed-pen serifs to a few of the lowercase characters. In addition, TT Tricks has small capitals for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, along with a number of interesting ligatures.

The TT Tricks font family consists of 2 font subfamilies, these are the main variation and the variation with the initial stencil cutting. Each subfamily includes 12 typefaces: Light, Regular, DemiBold, Strong, ExtraBold, Black + True Italics. Following a great tradition, TT Tricks supports a large number of OpenType functions: ordn, case, c2sc, smcp, frac, sinf, sups, numr, dnom, onum, tnum, pnum, dlig, liga, calt, salt (ss01).

.Font Family:
· TT Tricks Light
· TT Tricks Light Italic
· TT Tricks Regular
· TT Tricks Italic
· TT Tricks Demi Bold
· TT Tricks Demi Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Bold
· TT Tricks Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Extra Bold
· TT Tricks Extra Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Black
· TT Tricks Black Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Light
· TT Tricks Stencil Light Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Regular
· TT Tricks Stencil Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Demi Bold
· TT Tricks Stencil Demi Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Bold
· TT Tricks Stencil Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Extra Bold
· TT Tricks Stencil Extra Bold Italic
· TT Tricks Stencil Black
· TT Tricks Stencil Black Italic

TT Tricks Font Preview
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