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TT Tsars Font

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TT TsarsDesigners: TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak, Inessa Mitrozor
Publisher: TypeType
TT Tsars was developed by TypeType Group, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak, Inessa Mitrozor and published by TypeType. TT Tsars contains 20 designs and household package alternatives. p > Helpful links:

TT Tsars PDF Type Specimen

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The TT Tsars typeface family is a collection of serif screen entitling fonts that are stylized to look like the font styles of the start, the middle and completion of the XVIII century. The task is based on title font styles, that is, the typefaces that were used to develop book title pages. The idea for the project TT Tsars was born after a small study of the historic development of the Cyrillic type and is likewise based on Abram Shchitsgal's book 'Russian Civil Type'.

At the very start of the task, we had actually established a standard universal skeleton for the kinds of all characters in all subfamilies of the family, and later on, we added styles, visual features, artifacts and other nuances common of the given duration onto the skeleton. Yes, from the historic accuracy perspective it might be that such a method is not constantly warranted, but we have actually attained our goal and as an outcome, we have actually developed perfectly combinable serifs that can be utilized to design an inscription for a certain time period.

The TT Tsars typeface family consists of 20 font styles: 5 different subfamilies, each of which includes 4 font styles. Each font contains 580 glyphs, other than for the TT Tsars E subfamily, in which each font style consists of 464 characters. Instead of lowercase characters in the typeface, small capitals are utilized, which likewise suggests that the typeface is rather a display than text one. In TT Tsars you can find a large number of ligatures (for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets), arrows and many useful OpenType functions, such as: frac, ordn, sinf, sups, numr, dnom, case, onum, tnum, pnum, lnum, salt (ss01), dlig.

Time-related characteristics of the subfamilies are dispersed as follows:

- TT Tsars A-the beginning of the 18th century (Latin and Cyrillic)

- TT Tsars B-the start of the 18th century (Latin and Cyrillic)

- TT Tsars C-the middle of the 18th century (Latin and Cyrillic)

- TT Tsars D-the end of the 18th century (Latin and Cyrillic)

- TT Tsars E-conditionally the beginning of the 18th century (only Latin)

TT Tsars A and TT Tsars B families (both the start of the 18th century) have various starting points: for TT Tsars A it is Latin, for TT Tsars B it is Cyrillic. The advancement of the TT Tsars A family began in Latin, the typeface is based on the royal serif Romain du Roi. The Cyrillic alphabet is harmoniously matched to the Latin. The development of the TT Tsars B household began in Cyrillic, which is based upon a Russian civil type. Particular elements are the curved one-sided serifs of triangular characters (A, X, Y), drops appear in the letter Ж, the middle strokes В and P are nearby to the primary stroke. Latin was drawn to combine with Cyrillic. It is still based upon the royal serif, however rather changed: the letters B and P are closed and the upper bar of the letter A rose. This was done for the visual mix of Cyrillic and Latin and at the same time to make a distinction between TT Tsars A and TT Tsars B.

TT Tsars C is now the middle of the 18th century. Cyrillic alphabet itself did not stand still and evolved, and by the middle of the 18th century, its types have actually changed and become to look the way they are revealed in this font household. Latin types are following the Cyrillic. The figures are likewise a little customized and adjusted to the type design. In TT Tsars C, Cyrillic and Latin characters are developed in parallel. A distinctive function of the Cyrillic alphabet in TT Tsars C is the residual impact of the flat pen. This is visible in such indications as З, Ж, K. The shape of the letters Р, Ц, Щ, Э is very particular of the period. In the Latin alphabet, a particular leg appears at the letter R. For both languages, there is a typical C defined by an upper serif and the appearance of big, even rather bolding serifs on horizontals (T, E, Г, L).

TT Tsars D is currently the end of the 18th century when with the development of printing, the kinds of some Cyrillic characters had actually altered and turned into new skeletons of letters that we shifted into Latin. The figures were also elegant. In this typeface, both Cyrillic and Latin are stylistically executed with various serifs and are thus rationally separated. Completion of the century is identified by the reduction of ornamental components. Straight, blueprint-like legs of the letters Я, R, K, Ж. Serifs are really noticable and triangular. E and Э are one-sided on the middle horizontal line. A very particular C with two serifs appears in the Latin alphabet.

TT Tsars E is a steampunk fantasy typeface, its style is a Latinized Russian Сivil type (also referred to as Grazhdansky type which emerged after Peter the Great's language reform), which includes just the Latin alphabet. There is no historic analog to this typeface, it is solely our reflections on the subject of what would have occurred if the civil font had established even more and received a Latin equivalent. We imagined such a circumstance in which the civil type was exported to Europe and started to live its own life.

Font Family:
· TT Tsars A Light
· TT Tsars A Regular
· TT Tsars A Bold
· TT Tsars A Black
· TT Tsars B Light
· TT Tsars B Regular
· TT Tsars B Bold
· TT Tsars B Black
· TT Tsars C Light
· TT Tsars C Regular
· TT Tsars C Bold
· TT Tsars C Black
· TT Tsars D Light
· TT Tsars D Regular
· TT Tsars D Bold
· TT Tsars D Black
· TT Tsars E Light
· TT Tsars E Regular
· TT Tsars E Bold
· TT Tsars E Black

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