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Umba Soft Font

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Umba SoftDesigner: Anita Jürgeleit
Publisher: Anita Jürgeleit
Umba Soft was created by Anita Jürgeleit and published by Anita Jürgeleit. Umba Soft includes 30 designs and family package alternatives. p >+++ 30 styles +++ 5 weights +++ Italics +++ Alternates +++ Little caps +++ Fractions +++ Subscript +++ Superscript +++ Numerator +++ Denominator +++ Old design figures +++ Tabular figures +++ Alternates +++ ff-Ligatures

The finest aspect of Umba is its surprise!

UMBA Soft is a mellow sans serif typeface designed by Anita Jürgeleit. It soothes your style and assists to produce to stabilize your visualization. Do you need a type for young cosmetics or other youth-related items? Have a look at Umba Sans! Your production should be soft and gentle and you require a suitable typeface? Something that should be cuddly, sweet and soft however a serious type household that covers all your issues? Umba Soft is your match! Your typographic structure will improve with your new preferred font style.

Thirty styles from thin to bold and coordinating italics helps you to develop an extremely appealing style product. Alternates and little caps are accessible in separate styles. There is no need for any special software to utilize them. The styles will appear in your font style menu to make certain you remain mindful of the numerous possibilities that your brand-new typeface offers.

Would you like to see more examples of how UMBA enhances your style or you desire some tailoring? Let's get in touch!

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Font Family:
· Umba Soft Thin
· Umba Soft Thin Italic
· Umba Soft Light
· Umba Soft Light Italic
· Umba Soft Regular
· Umba Soft Italic
· Umba Soft Medium
· Umba Soft Medium Italic
· Umba Soft Bold
· Umba Soft Bold Italic
· Umba Soft Alt Thin
· Umba Soft Alt Thin Italic
· Umba Soft Alt Light
· Umba Soft Alt Light Italic
· Umba Soft Alt Regular
· Umba Soft Alt Italic
· Umba Soft Alt Medium
· Umba Soft Alt Medium Italic
· Umba Soft Alt Bold
· Umba Soft Alt Bold Italic
· Umba Soft SC Thin
· Umba Soft SC Thin Italic
· Umba Soft SC Light
· Umba Soft SC Light Italic
· Umba Soft SC Regular
· Umba Soft SC Italic
· Umba Soft SC Medium
· Umba Soft SC Medium Italic
· Umba Soft SC Bold
· Umba Soft SC Bold Italic

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