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Undergrad Font

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UndergradDesigner: Thomas Käding
Publisher: Thomas Käding
Undergrad was created by Thomas Käding and published by Thomas Käding. Undergrad includes 11 designs and household plan options. p > This typeface began its life as a job to design a Tee shirts for a student group on a large midwestern university. It has now matured into a unicode typeface, including Greek and Cyrillic. It has that look of the Tee shirts that are ubiquitous on the schools of colleges and universities over the world. It would make an ideal tool for creating them, along with posters and banners.

Characters in these typefaces include Latin, for English and other European languages; small a and c for names like MacDonald; lots of fractions, consisting of 0/3 required in baseball; Latin with diacritical marks for Eastern and Western European, Turkish, and Baltic languages; thorn, eth, cedilla, AE, OE, and sharp S for French, German, Icelandic; Latin extensions for clicks of some African languages; Greek (with tonos); Cyrillic for Russian and lots of other Slavic and Asian languages that use it; most Runes (the full Futhark plus a couple of more); six-point Brialle; currency symbols for dollar, cent, pound, yen, euro; and a couple of other extras like the peace sign.

Available designs are regular block letters, details, and bold.

Font Family:
· Undergrad UltraThin
· Undergrad Thin
· Undergrad Medium
· Undergrad Bold
· Undergrad Thin Outline
· Undergrad Outline
· Undergrad Inscribed
· Undergrad Exscribed
· Undergrad Exscribed Bold
· Undergrad Half Full
· Undergrad Half Full Bold

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Undergrad Font Preview

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