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Univers Cyrillic Font

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Univers CyrillicDesigners: Adrian Frutiger, Alexei Chekulayev
Publisher: Linotype
Univers Cyrillic was created by Adrian Frutiger, Alexei Chekulayev and published by Linotype. Univers Cyrillic consists of 27 designs and family plan choices. p > Univers was developed by Adrian Frutiger on Swiss concepts for Charles Peignot at Deberny & & Peignot.

Frutiger enforced stringent discipline throughout all aspects of the series, from light to dark, extra condensed to extended, a concordance of style that was possible in the foundry type and photocomposition typefaces. Any version may be blended within a word with any other. It might be argued that the style of the most popular central series is restricted by strict conformity to little used extremes. If Helvetica offers us the strongest main styles at some sacrifice in harmony throughout the series, Univers provides us an uniform series by disciplining the main designs.

Alteration of character widths required by the Monotype caster separates Monotype Univers from the initial; the Linotype photocomposition variation, designed by Frutiger, has a more even color across the series, achieved by relaxing the original stiff formula for stroke width.

IBM Selectric Univers, created by Frutiger, is less effective, given that it had to be put on widths tuned for Times Roman.

Font Family:
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 39 UltraCondensed Thin
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 49 UltraCondensed Light
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 59 UltraCondensed Roman
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 45 Light
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 45 Light Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 55 Roman
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 55 Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 65 Bold
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 65 Bold Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 75 Black
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 75 Black Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 85 ExtraBlack
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 85 ExtraBlack Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 47 Condensed Light
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 47 Condensed Light Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 57 Condensed Roman
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 57 Condensed Oblique
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 67 Condensed Bold
· Univers Pro Cyrillic 67 Condensed Bold Oblique
· Univers Cyrillic 45 Light
· Univers Cyrillic 45 Light Oblique
· Univers Cyrillic 55 Roman
· Univers Cyrillic 55 Oblique
· Univers Cyrillic 65 Bold
· Univers Cyrillic 65 Bold Oblique
· Univers Cyrillic 75 Black
· Univers Cyrillic 76 Black Oblique

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Univers Cyrillic Font Preview

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