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URW Antiqua Font

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URW AntiquaDesigner: Hermann Zapf
Publisher: URW Type Foundry
URW Antiqua was developed by Hermann Zapf and published by URW Type Foundry. URW Antiqua includes 63 styles and household package options. p > URW Grotesk was created solely for URW by Prof. Hermann Zapf in 1985. At the same time, Zapf designed URW Antiqua to choose URW Grotesk. At that time, we were dealing with a large German publishing home (Axel Springer) on type design services to replace certain of their paper typefaces. Evaluate pages of big German papers (e.g. Bildzeitung) were printed with URW Grotesk and URW Antiqua font households. For reasons not divulged to us, the task was dropped and Springer never ever used URW Grotesk and URW Antiqua for that purpose.

Anyway, Zapf completed his styles and URW produced both families.

Zapf's intent for the 2 typefaces was to develop two highly readable, open and classical typefaces that could be used for any kind of typography, particularly books, papers, magazines, etc.

However, we understood in the future, that URW Grotesk is effectively matched for multi media applications on screen.

Font Family:
· URW Antiqua Regular
· URW Antiqua SC Regular
· URW Antiqua Oblique
· URW Antiqua Italic
· URW Antiqua Medium
· URW Antiqua SC Medium
· URW Antiqua Medium Oblique
· URW Antiqua Medium Italic
· URW Antiqua Bold
· URW Antiqua Bold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Bold Italic
· URW Antiqua ExtraBold
· URW Antiqua ExtraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraBold Italic
· URW Antiqua UltraBold
· URW Antiqua UltraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua UltraBold Italic
· URW Antiqua SuperBold
· URW Antiqua Alt SuperBold
· URW Antiqua SuperBold Italic
· URW Antiqua Alt SuperBold Italic
· URW Antiqua Con
· URW Antiqua Cond SC
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Medium
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Medium Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Bold
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Bold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow ExtraBold
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow ExtraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow UltraBold
· URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow UltraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Narrow
· URW Antiqua Narrow Oblique
· URW Antiqua Narrow Medium
· URW Antiqua Narrow Medium Oblique
· URW Antiqua Narrow Bold
· URW Antiqua Narrow Bold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Narrow ExtraBold
· URW Antiqua Narrow ExtraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Narrow UltraBold
· URW Antiqua Narrow UltraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Wide
· URW Antiqua Wide Oblique
· URW Antiqua Wide Medium
· URW Antiqua Wide Medium Oblique
· URW Antiqua Wide Bold
· URW Antiqua Wide Bold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Wide ExtraBold
· URW Antiqua Wide ExtraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua Wide UltraBold
· URW Antiqua Wide UltraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide Medium
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide Medium Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide Bold
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide Bold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide ExtraBold
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide ExtraBold Oblique
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide UltraBold
· URW Antiqua ExtraWide UltraBold Oblique

Tags: books, german, legible, news, newspaper, news text, scotch, serif, text, workhorse

URW Antiqua Font Preview

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