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URW DINDesigner: Volker Schnebel
Publisher: URW Type Foundry
Developed by Volker Schnebel, URW DIN is a sans serif font household. This typeface has forty-eight styles and was released by URW Type Foundry.

The digital summary font styles, DIN 1451 Fette Engschrift and Fette Mittelschrift were created by URW in 1984 and are the basis for all DIN typeface households. Both typefaces were developed for the URW SIGNUS system and were primarily used for the production of traffic indications. They have actually since become so popular in other areas that we have established a total DIN font family with 48 styles in OpenType Pro: URW DIN. It includes a semi-condensed, which is special amongst the DIN fonts, so it has a broad spectrum of typographic usages. Its large x-height makes it ideal for usage in e-publishing (web, apps, e-Books etc) and its adjusted stroke width in between the routine and bold weights enhances its quality and distinguishability in print.

Font Family:
· URW DIN Thin
· URW DIN Thin Italic
· URW DIN Extra Light
· URW DIN Extra Light Italic
· URW DIN Light
· URW DIN Light Italic
· URW DIN Regular
· URW DIN Italic
· URW DIN Medium
· URW DIN Medium Italic
· URW DIN Demi
· URW DIN Demi Italic
· URW DIN Bold
· URW DIN Bold Italic
· URW DIN Black
· URW DIN Black Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Thin
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Thin Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Extra Light
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Extra Light Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Light
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Light Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Regular
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Regular Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Medium
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Medium Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Demi
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Demi Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Bold
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Bold Italic
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Black
· URW DIN Semi Condensed Black Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Thin
· URW DIN Condensed Thin Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Extra Light
· URW DIN Condensed Extra Light Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Light
· URW DIN Condensed Light Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Regular
· URW DIN Condensed Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Medium
· URW DIN Condensed Medium Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Demi
· URW DIN Condensed Demi Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Bold
· URW DIN Condensed Bold Italic
· URW DIN Condensed Black
· URW DIN Condensed Black Italic

URW DIN Font Preview
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