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Verbatim Font

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VerbatimDesigner: Paulo Goode
Publisher: Paulo Goode
Verbatim was designed by Paulo Goode and released by Paulo Goode. Verbatim consists of 60 styles and family plan options. p > This substantial 60-font type family was influenced by the best (and worst) of 1970s sci-fi TELEVISION programs and motion pictures. Verbatim aims to draw out the essence of futuristic type from that era, include a dash of modern style and conjure a cinematic typeface for the 21st century.

From the extremes of the thin condensed, all the method through to the black extended, Verbatim has the scope to add drama to your titles and headings, and finesse to your logo design and branding tasks. Distinguishing features include a large x-height and open counters that help legibility. This typeface crosses a few limits of type requirements in that it is both rounded and square, it is part geometric in building with a touch of humanistic style and stroke contrast-- providing Verbatim an unique and positive air.

Key features:

- 6 weights in Roman and Oblique

- 5 Styles-- Condensed, Narrow, Routine, Wide, Extended

- Little Caps and 7 Alternates

- European Language Support (Latin)

- 600 glyphs per font.

See more comprehensive examples at the Verbatim microsite.

Font Family:
· Verbatim Condensed Thin
· Verbatim Condensed Thin Oblique
· Verbatim Condensed Light
· Verbatim Condensed Light Oblique
· Verbatim Condensed
· Verbatim Condensed Oblique
· Verbatim Condensed Medium
· Verbatim Condensed Medium Oblique
· Verbatim Condensed Bold
· Verbatim Condensed Bold Oblique
· Verbatim Condensed Black
· Verbatim Condensed Black Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow Thin
· Verbatim Narrow Thin Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow Light
· Verbatim Narrow Light Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow
· Verbatim Narrow Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow Medium
· Verbatim Narrow Medium Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow Bold
· Verbatim Narrow Bold Oblique
· Verbatim Narrow Black
· Verbatim Narrow Black Oblique
· Verbatim Thin
· Verbatim Thin Oblique
· Verbatim Light
· Verbatim Light Oblique
· Verbatim Regular
· Verbatim Oblique
· Verbatim Medium
· Verbatim Medium Oblique
· Verbatim Bold
· Verbatim Bold Oblique
· Verbatim Black
· Verbatim Black Oblique
· Verbatim Wide Thin
· Verbatim Wide Thin Oblique
· Verbatim Wide Light
· Verbatim Wide Light Oblique
· Verbatim Wide
· Verbatim Wide Oblique
· Verbatim Wide Medium
· Verbatim Wide Medium Oblique
· Verbatim Wide Bold
· Verbatim Wide Bold Oblique
· Verbatim Wide Black
· Verbatim Wide Black Oblique
· Verbatim Extended Thin
· Verbatim Extended Thin Oblique
· Verbatim Extended Light
· Verbatim Extended Light Oblique
· Verbatim Extended
· Verbatim Extended Oblique
· Verbatim Extended Medium
· Verbatim Extended Medium Oblique
· Verbatim Extended Bold
· Verbatim Extended Bold Oblique
· Verbatim Extended Black
· Verbatim Extended Black Oblique

Tags: advertising, branding, cinematic, clean, commercial, condensed, contemporary, corporate, display, editorial, elegant, eurostile, extended, futuristic, headline, information, irish, large x-height, legible, magazine, microgramma, movie credits, movies, multi-weights, narrow, roman, sans, sans-serif, sans serif, sci-fi, small caps, square, square sans, style, stylish, text, titling, versatile, webfonts, wide

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