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Vertical Font

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VerticalDesigner: Gareth Hague
Publisher: Alias
Vertical was designed by Gareth Hague and published by Alias. Vertical includes 5 designs and family bundle choices. p > Alias Vertical is a sans serif typeface with a vertical cut-off point for letter endings.

The vertical cut-offs flex round characters (b, c, o, etc) into a squarish, high-shouldered shape, recommending Roger Excoffon's Antique Olive. In mid-weights, the typeface mixes Antique Olive with typefaces such as Gill or Johnston, for example the shape of the t, the l loaning Johnston's flick. Vertical has the same very little distinction in weight in between verticals and horizontals as Gill and Johnston, and the very same sharp connection point where curves fulfill straight lines. Like Antique Olive, Vertical has a narrow connection point here, including contrast and meaning. The general impact feels austere at lighter weights and strident and graphic at bolder weights, and sharp and incised throughout.

In the Vibrant and Black weights, the squarish and top heavy shape of Antique Olive is most obvious. For example the wide uppercase, with the B having almost-even width between top and bottom curves, and the almost-overhang of the top curve of the G. However Vertical does not have as severe an aesthetic or square shape as Antique Olive.

As well as its large style, the upper case is offered additional authority by being a slightly much heavier weight than the lower case. This is a gadget obtained from Gill, and other 'old' typefaces, where the upper case exists as a titling design. Modern sensibilities are more concentrated on an even colour between upper and lower case.

Vertical was initially meant as a sis typeface to Ano, like AnoAngular or AnoStencil. Vertical developed into a comparable however different style. Ano was created for use in Another Man - in its modular, circle-base design, and the way there aren't the modifications generally made in bolder weights to make sure letter clearness. This is for layouts where various weights are utilized together in various sizes so that the total letter weight is the same, a function of the publication. Where Ano is easy and graphic, Vertical has nuance and texture. It is a practical, utility design. In the balance in between graphic and typographic, its focus is the latter.

Font Family:
· Vertical Light
· Vertical Regular
· Vertical Medium
· Vertical Bold
· Vertical Black

Tags: corporate, humanist sans, text

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