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Vtg Stencil Italy No2 Font

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Vtg Stencil Italy No2Designer: Andreas Seidel
Publisher: astype
Vtg Stencil Italy No2 was designed by Andreas Seidel and published by astype. Vtg Stencil Italy No2 contains 1 design. p > The Vtg Stencil fonts from astype are based on real life stencils from several nations. The Italian stencils that I chose as a model for this typeface are roughly based on classic French stencil letters. Please compare the figures (numbers) with their French equivalents. However, the Italian stencils are made with a different production technique. The design of the letters is plainly not punch-cut into the plates, maybe they are drilled, grated or etched. Information such as the serifs look vibrant and clumsy, and when using the stencils as they are implied, with viscous indication paint, smaller sized information easily fade away.

So I took my flexibility to develop a typeface near the original design but including several typographic tweaks to let it shine, wanting to get closer to the desired style idea of these Italian stencils.

Enjoy the vintage!

Font Family: Vtg Stencil Italy No2

Tags: capital shap s, construction, display, headline, industrial, italy, packaging, poster, simple, stamp, stencil, supplies, traffic, transport, vintage

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