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Werksatz Font

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WerksatzDesigner: Moritz Kleinsorge
Publisher: Identity Letters
Werksatz was designed by Moritz Kleinsorge and published by Identity Letters. Werksatz includes 20 styles and household bundle options. The font is currently # 46 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Inspired by early monstrous typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk and Venus, Werksatz is our modern interpretation of this beloved genre.

Some things are timeless. These are the things that just get much better with usage. The aforementioned typefaces certainly belong into this category. Found by designers from every generation once again and once again, they are here to stay.

However, as tools evolve and innovation carry on, even a well-tried design needs to adapt to this evolution continually in order to stand the test of time. Werksatz is such an adjustment, taking the very best from the invincible classics and infusing them with the warm blood these days's tech.

With 10 weights from Thin to Black, each with fastidiously fine-tuned obliques, and more than 940 characters per style, this font style household is ready for the future. Its Extended Latin assistance ensures you will not miss a letter in any of hundreds of languages. Special glyphs like three variations of arrows and extra shapes will make your style work so much easier-for well-structured types in addition to radical editorial layouts.

Among a bonanza of OpenType features, you'll find fundamentals such as Capital Spacing, Case-Sensitive Forms, and Ligatures, however likewise advanced functions like Little Caps, Subscript and Inferior figures and letters, plenty figure sets (Lining Figures, Tabular Figures, Old-Style Figures, circled around and squared figures, figures for small caps ... you understand), Slashed No, and more.

You'll find that Werksatz is less formalistic and rigid than your typical neogrotesk typeface. Sure, you can utilize it for serious business-whether in corporate style, branding, editorial design, publication design, or web design for markets and subjects ranging from politics, federal government, management, or law to innovation, entrepreneurship, commerce, or financing. Nevertheless, Werksatz is a lot more versatile than that. Its more human look likewise enables efficient usage in culture, fashion, art, home entertainment, sports, exhibitions, leisure, and high-end. It's an excellent option for wayfinding applications, apps, product packaging, and all type of nonfiction books.

Other Grotesks with big names are left dated by their owners, however Werksatz is here to stay. The classic industrial warmth of these letterforms will age like great wine.

Font Family:
· Werksatz Thin
· Werksatz Thin Italic
· Werksatz Extra Light
· Werksatz Extra Light Italic
· Werksatz Light
· Werksatz Light Italic
· Werksatz Book
· Werksatz Book Italic
· Werksatz Regular
· Werksatz Regular Italic
· Werksatz Medium
· Werksatz Medium Italic
· Werksatz Semi Bold
· Werksatz Semi Bold Italic
· Werksatz Bold
· Werksatz Bold Italic
· Werksatz Heavy
· Werksatz Heavy Italic
· Werksatz Black
· Werksatz Black Italic

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