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Whirligig Font

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WhirligigDesigner: Zuzana Licko
Publisher: Emigre
Developed by Zuzana Licko, Whirligig is a dingbat typeface household. This typeface has 2 styles and was released by Emigre.

Each Whirligig illustration is composed from a repeating of little components; some fairly simple geometric buildings, others more organic kinds which developed from the procedure of adjusting the positive and unfavorable space as needed to balance the aspect visually within the structure of a specific repeating sequence.

By applying an exact structure of repeating, be it in multiples of 2, 3, 4, six or 8, concentrically or diagonally, these relatively basic aspects support each other into systems of higher complexity. In turn, the composed units create ever more intricate patterns when duplicated in various mixes, which can further be composed into macro patterns. This advancement of elements into structures into patterns yields images analogous to those seen when seeing the world through a microscopic lense, telescope, and kaleidoscope.

This collection of 152 Whirligigs includes 126 concentric illustrations, ten sets of symmetrical borders, and 6 connecting illustrations. Repeating the connecting illustrations creates an interlocked pattern, which serves as an embedding structure when integrated at the same time with any of the concentric ones.

Since each illustration, along with the area bar, is the exact same width, any mix will yield a perfectly aligned block; borders can be composed by typing the appropriate number of area bars to complete deep space in the frame. This, naturally, is just a beginning point for Whirligig usage; utilize your imagination to create a practically endless range of textures by combining repeatings of various illustrations.

Font Family:
· Whirligig One
· Whirligig Two

Whirligig Font Preview
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