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Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift Font

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Wilhelm Klingspor SchriftDesigner: José Alberto Mauricio
Publisher: Alter Littera
Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift was designed by José Alberto Mauricio and published by Alter Littera. Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift contains 1 style. p > A comprehensive and faithful performance of among the finest metal typefaces of the 20th century. Rudolf Koch designed Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift (initially conceived as "Missal Schrift", and later described likewise as "Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch") between 1919 and 1925 for the Gebr. Klingspor Type Foundry in Offenbach am Main. It is a remarkable textura typeface, being sharp, sophisticated, spiky, delicate and honorable at the exact same time. A few of its most notable features involve the delicate decors, the thin however discreetly swelling lines that parallel or bridge strokes in the capitals, the hairline endings that terminate each stroke in both the capitals and the lowercase letters, the subtle signing up with of hairlines to thicker strokes, and the stress of some of the transitional curves.

Koch's initial style consisted of 2 sets of capitals (normal and condensed); alternates for a, d, e, r, s and z, plus long s; short and long grew finial kinds for f and t; thirty-five ligatures; and eighteen ornamental pieces (Zierstücke). All of these functions, plus a number of additional ones for modern-day use (consisting of the normal standard characters for typesetting in modern-day Western languages, additional alternates and ligatures, plus thoroughly coded Opentype features), have been completely implemented to the highest and most lively level of detail in today typeface, in the hope that the past success of Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift will lastly step into the modern OpenType realm.

The primary sources utilized during the font design process were a number of pages from a specimen book issued by the Gebr. Klingspor Type Foundry in 1927. Other sources were as follows: Bain, P., and Shaw, P. (Eds.) (1998 ), Blackletter: Type and National Identity, New York City: Princeton Architectural Press (p. 43); Hendlmeier, W. (1994 ), Kunstwerke der Schrift, Hannover: Bund für Deutsche Schrift und Sprache (pp. 56-7); Kapr, A. (1983 ), Schriftkunst, Dresden: VEB Verlag der Kunst (p. 453); Kapr, A. (1993 ), Fraktur - Type und Geschichte der gebrochenen Schriften, Mainz: Verlag Hermann Schmidt (pp. 124-5); and Klingspor, K. (1949 ), Über Schönheit von Schrift und Druck, Frankfurt am Main: Georg Kurt Schauer (pp. 136-7). Some public and personal remarks by prominent designer and style historian Paul Shaw have likewise influenced both the design and the description of today font.

Specimen, comprehensive character map, OpenType functions, and font samples readily available at Alter Littera's The Oldtype "Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift" Typeface Page.

Font Family: Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift

Tags: blackletter, decorative, diploma, elegant, epic, fraktur, german, gothic, gotisch, invitation, klingspor, koch, medieval, rudolf koch, schrift, textura

Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift Font Preview

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