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Xylitol Font

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XylitolDesigner: Ray Larabie
Publisher: Typodermic Fonts Inc.
Designed by Ray Larabie, Xylitol is a display sans font household. This typeface has 10 designs and was published by Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Xylitol is a numerous layer typeface you can utilize for developing chromatic, 3D results. It's designed so the letters fit firmly together like Tetris blocks.

There are four directional layers for the sides so you can replicate light originating from various instructions. There's a stripe layer which can be used to developed a metallic shimmer effect.

The Hollow design is made of thin details and has several usages. Use it on its own for a engineery, plan look. Make it black and overlay it on strong colors for a stained glass result. Set it to 50% gray and utilize a screen or color dodge impact at around 25% opacity to create a subtle sharpening impact. The solid layer can be offset to replicate a drop shadow.

The Xylitol family consists of a Solo style which has more standard spacing-- convenient when you require accompanying flat text. An outline style is beneficial by itself of for doing layer openness tricks. Xylitol supports great deal of languages including Greek and Russian.

It's everything about exploring but here are some tips to get you began:


- You'll require to use an application that enables you to overlay layers of text. Every application has a different way of handling this but normally, you type what you want, make numerous overlapping copies of the layer then change each layer's color and style.


- Some applications, like Photoshop neglect the font style's vertical metrics so you may need to vertically move a few of the layers to align. The diamond (lozenge) ◊ character contains a registration cross-hair to assist you get things lined up.


- Make sure you're not utilizing optical kerning in Adobe apps.


- If you're utilizing the front layer and all the edge layers, you might believe it's unnecessary to consist of the back layer. However the back layer can assist obscure some of the background leaking through due to layer making imprecision. You may not need it however it exists if you do.


- If you intend on consisting of the Hollow style, I recommend utilizing it as the very first layer and checking carefully for unwanted overlaps prior to copying the layer. For instance, the T may overlap A a tiny bit. That's the method the typeface is created-- the concern is to have the edges set tight. You can fix the overlaps by adjusting tracking. It's no fun if you include Hollow as the final layer, discover an overlap and understand that the tracking will need to be adjusted for each layer.

.Font Family:
· Xylitol Solo
· Xylitol Back
· Xylitol Front
· Xylitol Stripe
· Xylitol Up
· Xylitol Right
· Xylitol Down
· Xylitol Left
· Xylitol Hollow
· Xylitol Outline

Xylitol Font Preview
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