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1557 Civilité Granjon Font

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1557 Civilité GranjonPublisher: GLC
1557 Civilité Granjon was published by GLC. 1557 Civilité Granjon consists of 1 design. p > Living from 1545 in Lyon, France, the well-known punchcutter Robert Granjon developed a typeface that appeared like his own handwriting. The very first book printed with this font, in 1557, was probably Dialogues de la vie et de la mort by Innocent Ringhier. We provide the total typeface. It is a charming font with historic kinds (long s, last s and others) and numerous ligatures, enhanced with accented letters and other characters that did not exist in the original (thorn, eth, lslash and others), and a lot of alternates that permit abundant and varying typography. Caution: all characters appear with the 1500s manual blackletter old style, especially letters "e" "r" or "h" alternate and some ending types, and might be hard to read at initially, but it rapidly becomes extremely easy.

The font includes all characters for Baltic, Western European (Consisting Of Celtic), Eastern European, Northern European, and Turkish languages.

Font Family: 1557 Civilite Granjon Pro

Tags: 1500's, 1600s, blackletter, cursive, decorative, distressed, elegant, french, loops, ornamental, script

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