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Aquawax Pro Font

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Aquawax ProDesigners: Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli
Publisher: Zetafonts
Developed by Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli, Aquawax Pro is a sans serif and dingbat typeface household. This typeface has twenty-seven designs and was released by Zetafonts.

Created as a custom-made brand name typeface in 2008 by Francesco Canovaro, Aquawax is one of Zetafonts most successful typefaces - having actually been chosen, among the others, by Warner Bros for the design of the logo design for the Aquaman movie. Its logo design roots are obvious in the style information, from the blade-like tail of the Q and the fin-like right leg of the K to the deliberately reversed uppercase W, in addition to the rounded edges softening the plain modernist lettershapes. While this details make the typeface extremely suitable for logo and display screen design, especially in the bolder weights, the open, geometric kinds of the letters and a generous x-height make it exceptionally understandable at small sizes, making it ideal for body text and webfont use.

In 2019 the family was totally upgraded by the Zetafonts team, broadening the original glyph set to include Cyrillic and Greek and including three additional weights and italics to the original 6 weights, for an overall of 27 weights (consisting of 9 pictograms). The brought back and revamped version, called Aquawax Pro, also consists of full Open Type functions for Positional Figures, Stylistic Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures and Small Caps, and contributes to the typeface brand-new alternate glyph shapes, available as Stylistic Alternates. Optimized for optimum screen readability, it covers over 200 languages that utilize the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet, with full variety of accents and diacritics.

Font Family:
· Aquawax Pro Thin
· Aquawax Pro Thin Italic
· Aquawax Pro Extra Light
· Aquawax Pro Extra Light Italic
· Aquawax Pro Light
· Aquawax Pro Light Italic
· Aquawax Pro Regular
· Aquawax Pro Italic
· Aquawax Pro Medium
· Aquawax Pro Medium Italic
· Aquawax Pro Demi Bold
· Aquawax Pro Demi Bold Italic
· Aquawax Pro Bold
· Aquawax Pro Bold Italic
· Aquawax Pro Ultra Bold
· Aquawax Pro Ultra Bold Italic
· Aquawax Pro Heavy
· Aquawax Pro Heavy Italic
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Thin
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Extra Light
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Light
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Regular
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Medium
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Demi Bold
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Bold
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Ultra Bold
· Aquawax Pro Pictograms Heavy

Aquawax Pro Font Preview
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